Bulk Barn Canada: Free Reusable Bag with $10 Purchase

Bulk Barn Canada: Free Reusable Bag with $10 Purchase


Receive a free reusable bag when you make a $10 purchase (before taxes) in store at Bulk Barn Canada.

While this promotion is not quite as good as their previous $3 off $10 offer that we have blogged about here, it is very close as reusable bags often retail for several dollars. I have not been inside a Bulk Barn in some time so I am unsure how much they sell their bags for. This offer is occurring up until Halloween.

I think the inspiration for the deal comes from trick-or-treat bags. Rather than just use any old bag you can get your hands on, Bulk Barn is hoping you will shop with them and then give your child the reusable bag for their candy hunt. If the promotional images for this offer are any indication, the bag is candy themed making it a perfect companion to go find some goodies.

While at your local Bulk Barn, consider stocking up on dried fruits without a sugary coating. As fall turns into winter, fresh fruit varieties will become limited. Dried fruit is a great way still to pack in some much-needed nutrients from seasonal fruits like mango, kiwi, papaya, apricots, and more. My personal favourite is mango; I could eat bags of that stuff. Sooooo good!

Dried fruit also makes an excellent addition to your children's lunch bags. Try adding raisins (high in iron), apricots (high in fibre), and other dried fruits. They will last a long time and taste very good in their dried form. Rather than buying those sugar filled 'fruit leathers' go for nature's fruit leathers: dried fruit. Fruit has natural sugar so it really needs no help in that department.

Bulk Barn Canada is also the perfect place to go to get other snacks like nut mixtures as well as fruit and nut mixtures. I have sent my husband their on the odd occasion to pick up some spices for me that I needed, but not in great quantity. If I am only going to be using a spice for one recipe, then I do not need an entire container of it.

There is a limit of one bag per customer per store visit. This offer is valid while quantities last or until the offer officially expires.

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)


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