Bread & Butter: Free Shipping + Free Product

Bread & Butter: Free Shipping + Free Product


Bread & Butter has come out with their fully customizable kits! You can get a 3 piece or a 5 piece kit with whatever products you need in it, and as a bonus this week you will get free shipping and a free extra product!

Bread & Butter have a great 60 day return policy (free), if you don't like the product you don't have to keep it! Their prices are reasonable as each container of product is a 90 day supply. They are perfume free and carry-on approved.

The products are advertised as a men's line however, I use them. Best product ever. Not even expensive. My acne has almost disappeared and my face has never been better. If I forget to use the product for like a week and am stressed or such I start to break out again. Then I use the cleanser and moisturizer and my face feels and looks so much better. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I have a 12 month subscription.

Free shipping and free extra product is only for this week.


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