Bosse Tools Customizable Ergonomic Shovel $99.99 @

Bosse Tools Customizable Ergonomic Shovel $99.99 @

Did you just get a huge dump of snow, too? URGH! Enough already, right?? Sometimes there's not enough snow to bother hauling the Snow Joe out so we use shovels. Have you tried a Bosse Tools Ergonomic snow shovel? We haven't yet, but once I laid eyes on them I decided these are exactly what we need. The kids might pitch in, too now. They sell for $99.99 @ online @

You can pick from 2 different versions, a scoop or a wider traditional shovel and each has a 360 degree rotating adjustable handle. That's what makes it a smart pick for a shovel. It reduces stress on your back, wrist and shoulders. You get to customize the position of the center handle with 16 different positions for whichever one that works best for you for any task.

I'm going to work smarter, not harder, with this ergonomic shovel. The reviews are solid too, so I'm in!

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