BOATSmart Promo Code: $10 Off Pleasure Craft Operator Cards

BOATSmart Promo Code: $10 Off Pleasure Craft Operator Cards


Love boating? Yes? Then you need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card! Get it for $10 less at BOATsmart.

Click here to get your PCOC @

  • Coupon Code: BOATLOVE14
  • Discount: Get $10 off your Boat License Exam
  • Expiry: Unknown

Summer is almost here and if you want to take the boat out, you need one of these cards. Plain and simple. It's the law. The law, unfortunately, requires you to pay. Normally the exam is $49.95 at BOATsmart but you can get it for $10 less with this coupon. You only pay $39.95. Pretty good deal, amirite?

This gets you the course, the exam, the card mailed to you and free retries. If you fail, you don't have to pay again, which is fantastic. The PCOC is also like luggage, it stays with you for life. It doesn't expire on your birthday like my drivers license does. Just on a tangent here for a minute but isn't it the height of stupidity that your license expires on your birthday? Maybe it's just my province but whatever the case, it's dumb.

You get your boat permit and you're set forever. You can even go boating on your birthday instead of waiting in line in some office waiting to renew.

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