The Collapsible Costco Wagon Every Parent Needs

Costco Wagon $74.99 Shipped

If you haven't already heard of this near-magical collapsible wagon, just wait. Parents everywhere have been going crazy for it since it first showed up – and it's finally back in stock at Costco Canada for $74.99 shipped!

Usually known just as the Costco folding wagon, the Mac Sports Folding Wagon is big enough to haul the kids, all their stuff and your groceries around! It's makes trips to the park so much easier, and it comes with a pretty handy feature: the entire thing folds down when it's empty!

Let's face it, this is exactly the time of year to splurge a little on a new wagon, since the weather is finally nice enough to get outside and enjoy it on walks with the kids! And when summer hits, it'll be the perfect beach wagon!

As one reviewer says, the wheels can be a little unsteady, so I'd avoid trying to take this over rough and rocky terrain. But otherwise, you're good to go!

Costco has it in one colour (blue), but has a few more options. And if you want something a tiny bit more heavy duty? Check out the Cabela's Utility Wagon.

Shipping and handling is included in the $74.99 price tag, which means you might be able to find this wagon for a little cheaper in-person at a Costco warehouse.


  • Vicki S.

    Saw this today at Costco Gloucester

  • Lisa O.

    I got a woods one from canadian tire cause didnt know they sold them. Best thing for groceries and transporting my tires lmao

  • Juliette W.

    we need this for timmins ;) lmao

  • Dawn A.

    We have this. Got it at Costco

  • quanvon

    got this for about $65 at Costco a few months ago.  So not really”free” shipping as shipping is factored in.

    • DanielleDoiron

      That's pretty much the case for anything you buy online at Costco, since they roll the shipping into the price you see on the site. It's usually a better deal to buy in-store, but since that's not always an option, a few extra dollars often isn't too bad! 

  • Melissa M.

    ... just bought one!

    • Sarah H.

      :joy::joy::joy: it’s so your colour!!!

  • Linda W.

    These were less in store yesterday

    • Linda W.

      Bargainmoose I didn't put the price but I think it was $50

    • DanielleDoiron

      Thanks for the heads up! They usually are, since Costco rolls shipping fees into their online prices, so it's great to know they're in stock there, too.

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