Best Buy Canada: 60% Off King Koil Foam Mattresses

Best Buy Canada: 60% Off King Koil Foam Mattresses


Best Buy Canada is offering 60% off single and double memory foam mattresses (6"). The single mattress was $299.99 and is now only $119.99. The double mattress was $399.99 and is now $159.99. Both mattresses qualify for free shipping.

We have had a deal or two on foam mattresses before. At the beginning of February, I had found a deal on LUCID foam mattresses on Therefore, I decided to compare the King Koil back against the current LUCID prices.

Currently, the LUCID 6" single mattress costs $159.99 at Amazon Canada, so Best Buy Canada's price on the King Koil is better by $40. The LUCID double mattress costs $189.99 at right now, so you are saving $30 for the same thickness of mattress.

I also price compared with Walmart Canada. While these are out of stock, Walmart Canada had the single mattress priced at $199 and the double mattress priced at $249.

I think the single mattress is the best deal, as I have never seen one for $120 before. These are great mattresses for kids. I have read many blog posts about parents buying single foam mattresses to complete bunk beds for their kids. They are the perfect size and thickness.

The Kink Koil mattresses provide a form level of support. People prefer foam as it conforms to your body. Thus, it reduced pressure points and helps keep the spinal column in a natural position. If you have ever woken up with a sore back, you know that your back is out of alignment as you sleep.

The mattress is both hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. It includes a removable and washable aloe very quilted cover. This cover will help you keep the mattress itself clean. Sometimes the sheets slip off my bed during particularly active nights, so a mattress cover helps keep a continual barrier between my skin and the mattress.

The first layer is made of 2" high-density Theratouch memory foam. The second layer is made of 4" high performance support foam. Together, you receive 6" of support.

The mattress is rather heavy. You could pick it up in store, but free shipping is a very nice benefit when it comes to something this size and weight. This is a weekend deal only, so purchase your foam mattresses over the next few days.

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