Best Buy Canada: 2 Chromecast for $63 (Save $15) & FREE Offers

Best Buy Canada: 2 Chromecast for $63 (Save $15) & FREE Offers


Purchase two (2) Google Chromecast devices and save $15. Each device retails for $39 and when you purchase two, your total price comes down from $78 to $63. That works out to $31.50 per unit. You will also receive free shipping on your order.

To redeem this offer, add a Google Chromecast to your cart. Then, in your cart, change the number of devices from one (1) to two (2) and then select the quantity update button. The discount will then be applied to both devices.

With your purchase of the Chromecast, you will get access to these three current offers:

  • 30-day trial of Crunchyroll Premium FREE
  • 90-day trial of Google Music Play (unlimited music) FREE
  • 90-day trial of Deezer Premium+ (unlimited music) FREE

Google often gives free credit to new and existing Chromecast owners. I always recommend checking back on the promotions even once you have owned the device for a bit. In total, we have received $26 in Google credit so far - in just six months.

I always tell my friends to buy a Chromecast and ditch their cable. You can stream video content from your Chrome browser directly to the Chromecast so watching news, sports, and television shows is easy.

I do not run an android phone or the Chrome browser on my computer, but streaming from YouTube is equally simple. When I am too lazy to put in one of my own movies or shows, I just pop on a mix of Pink Panther shorts. Lately, I have been watching episodes of The Magic School Bus ever since I saw the complete series on sale at Amazon. While the quality isn't quite as good, I also saved myself $30 for something I will just watch occasionally anyway.

My experience with Chromecast has been excellent. I enjoy using it to watch music videos especially. However, a friend of mine seems to have ended up with a bit of a lemon as his device starts being unresponsive while he is watching. The Chromecast comes with a warranty, thus you should be able to bring up your concerns with Google should this occur.

Back in the holiday season we saw the Chromecast drop as low as $29 each, but it has been half a year since then! With this combo price of $31.50 per unit, you are paying just a fraction more than Christmas prices.

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