Baby Tooth Keepsake Box $20.99 @ Amazon Seller:Antner Direct

Baby Tooth Keepsake Box $20.99 @ Amazon Seller:Antner Direct

I was cleaning out drawers and discovered an envelope with my son's first tooth. I should have had one of these Antner Baby Tooth Keepsake Pine Boxes for my kids sooner. They sell for $20.99 each through Seller: Antner Direct and the order is fulfilled by Amazon.

Here's a tip I didn't know to do with my kids' teeth when saving them: Put the teeth in the boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize, and make sure they dry before putting them into the box. My kids will eventally wonder how they tooth fairy gave them back to me, but she must have been spooked by the cat or dog and dropped it. Each time. After she put money under their pillows.

These will ship free for Amazon Prime members or free on orders with eligible Amazon items that total over $35. Otherwise shipping will vary starting from around $4.50.


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  • Crystal M.

    This looks super cool but since the "tooth fairy" takes their teeth how does this work? Do you just hide it from your kids till they know the difference?

    • Tina D.

      You give it to them for their 16th birthday. Lmao

    • Heather H.

      My kids would write a letter to the tooth fairy saying they wanted to keep the tooth. The tooth fairy was ok with that and left them the money. That way you can put the tooth in the keep sake holder. Just a thought.

      • Kelly F.

        So just out of curiosity what do yo do with this? I mean... like you save all their teeth and then... what? give it to them? Store it? Put it on your mantel? I just don't see the sentimental value in teeth lol. I have 4 kids and never kept any teeth. I take a pic of them with the space in their mouth and holding the tooth and then the "tooth fairy" disposes it. To each their own, just not for me :blush:

        • Tammy N.

          , apparently this is what you're supposed to do with them :laughing:

          • Jennifer G.

            Am I the only one who finds the concept of keeping teeth creepy?!?! lol I'll keep them for her but I know if my mom handed me my baby teeth I'd be a little creeped out lmao!!!

            • KaylaS

              LOL! I completely agree with entire mouthful of teeth in a box *shudder* is somehow a disturbing thought. I was never given any of my baby teeth but the idea of perhaps keeping the very first lost tooth from each child and then taking a picture of that missing tooth or subsequent missing front teeth seems like the best idea. Clearly, if the 'Tooth Fairy' took the teeth and left loot, the kids could just receive the sentimental keepsake box with teeth stored inside when they were older and understood the situation.

              These are both sold out and unavailable anyhow.

            • Tammy N.

              :joy: Right?