Over 200 Audiobooks for $4.99! Over 200 Audiobooks for $4.99!

Audiobooks from Audible just make you a better person.

To take part in this sale you need an Audible membership. Luckily for you, Bargainmoose has the hookups to get you a free 30 day trial AND a free book.

Ok, now that you've gotten your free trial (Right? RIGHT!?!?) you can bask in the glory that is Audible. I'm not going to talk about the specifics of how awesome Audible is (as I've done that ad nauseum in the past) but suffice it to say it is awesome. The best selection of audiobooks with some of the best readers in the business. They really make the books come to life.

This specific sale is called the "Win-Win" sale because you win on savings and win on selection. Over 200 books so plenty to choose from,and it seems like they have even tossed in some good series'. One that I've read and enjoyed was the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. The first book of the series, The Furies of Calderone, is included in this sale.

As far as the win on savings, it seems like most of the books will end up being $10 to $20, which isn't too bad. It's technically cheaper than a credit would cost you if you had a membership . I often take advantage of these sales in lieu of using a credit I have stored.

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