FREE Audio Short Story by #1 New York Times Best Seller Lisa Gardner

Audible wants you to have this book so bad that it will break in to your house, steal your computer, phone, tablet, MP3 player or GPS, put the short story on it, break in to your house AGAIN the next night and return the device. If you don't want this to happen, read on.

Listen here, people. Audible knows they are awesome. That's why they can commit crimes without fear of legal repercussions. They know that you will overlook the kicked in doors and ransacked bedrooms when you see how great they are. Of course they also know that you don't want to have your stuff trashed so they are allowing you to download the FREE short story.But before you get that, sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and a FREE credit with the link above. If you don't want a monthly subscription after your trial is up you can keep the account alive for $10 a year and continue to get access to all these FREE offers and incredible sales that Audible offers throughout the year.

Ok, now that you've done that, I'll allow you to proceed with the free book. Click the link below to get it!

I don't know if I'd pay for a Lisa Gardner book since she doesn't seem to write the kind of stuff that I dig. not to say I don't like to read a good mystery/thriller but she seems to only write the "strong, independent woman" style of main character and that just grates on me. Not that type f character but the people who only write that type of character. I don't know why, but it does. That being said, I'm an author myself and I should be reading other styles to broaden my own scope.This is a great chance to get in to a different style without any fiduciary ramifications. Here is a synopsis:

Boston Detective D. D. Warren is seven months pregnant and should be taking it easy. Instead, she accepts a small consulting role on the set of a serial killer film - and quickly finds herself on the trail of a real killer and in a tangled web of lies. Packed with the suspenseful storytelling Gardner is known for, The 7th Month is an unpredictable thriller that will keep listeners guessing until the very end.

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