Amazon Canada: Tegu 24 Piece Magnetic Block Set Was $78 | Now $49 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada: Tegu 24 Piece Magnetic Block Set Was $78 | Now $49 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


I'm kind of shocked I have never heard of Tegu blocks and if I haven't, you may haven't either because I value you myself as knowledgeable in the eco-toy world. These blocks are super cool because they are wood, but they are also magnetic. They foster a child's imagination and building techniques, but are also sustainable toys. From what I can see they are not cheap, so with this deal from Amazon, this is the right time to buy. There are a few sets on sale at varying price points but the 24-piece set is the largest and best deal. Regularly $77.99, it is on sale for $48.83 and eligible for free shipping.

These are the type of blocks that you will save for your grandchildren once your child is done playing with them. I love building blocks because it allows kids to build and use their imagination to do so. These blocks are completely safe, unlike their plastic counterparts, so any age can use them. They are wood and have no lead, with a water-based lacquer finish. The wood was sustainably sourced from Honduran hardwood. Not just that, Tegu works with people in Honduras to provide opportunities for planting trees, teaching kids and providing jobs. I love a feel-good toy!

What the best thing about this toy is that while kids can build with blocks, they won't have the frustration over the blocks toppling down. I know that can be a learning experience as well, but sometimes, you just want it to work for them. With magnets inside, the blocks stay together and also teach the children about how magnets work in a safe way.

The jungle set is the one at this price point. The natural and the tints are at regular price and you'll pay $78 for them. Other stores sell these blocks, like Mastermind Toys where they sell for $70 and Wintergreen where they sell for $80.

These are going to make a fabulous Christmas gift for kids of any age, but if you want a smaller and less expensive set, Amazon has a few of those on sale too.

This 6-piece set in a pocket pouch in prism might be a fantastic toy for keeping in your pouch for waits at the doctor or long car rides. Regularly $33.99, it is on sale for $16.39. If you want a solid colour of the same set in mahogany, it is actually a better deal, now $12.41. The natural is just $14.46.

Something just in between is the 14-piece set, which comes in natural for $25.92, regularly $39.99.

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