Amazon Canada: Pre-Order The Hunger Games [2-Disc DVD + Digital Copy] $19.99 (Was $36.99)

Amazon Canada: Pre-Order The Hunger Games [2-Disc DVD + Digital Copy] $19.99 (Was $36.99)

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My husband has red all the books, and seen the movie while on a recent flight. I caught parts of it and just found it disturbing. The idea that people like watching teens kill each other disturbs me. And then people wonder why people kill other people... like the shooting recently at a theatre. It is called desensitization people. If it doesn't hurt to watch someone being killed, how big of a step is it to pull that trigger? Not that far, we already pull that trigger in many of our video games.

Sure, we all love to live out our fantasies and escape to a world that isn't anything like our own to hypothetically relax - isn't that what movies are for? So we watch people being slaughtered, raped, tortured, killed... our beloved horror genre that is dripping down into other genres, and we consider this entertainment. Just one step away from the colosseum... or our own Hunger Games.

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  • Service A.
    Plenty of bad things happened before there were movies! It's called a dystopia for a reason– it's a horrific vision of the future. It's called figuring out where things can go wrong, and preventing that from happening. You are completely missing the point of the book in my opinion.
    • dealhunter
      I agree with the previous comment. If you read the books, you'd see that the only people "enjoying watching the killings" are a corrupt, wealthy, aristocratic group. The ultimate goal of the other characters in this series is to abolish this conspiracy and dictatorship-of-a-government. I'm sure the author didn't write them to promote and share a belief in violence.