Bose SoundDocks up to 15% off Bose SoundDocks up to 15% off

Amazon Canada is giving you a great deal on a high quality dock for your iDevice. Get your Bose SoundDock on the cheap!

These are the four SoundDocks that are on sale:

At first blush, these don't seem to be overly great deals, but Bose is like Apple in that the sales are never huge. Just to show how much of a deal this is, the sale is on until the end of the month and two of the SoundDocks are already temporarily sold out. Amazon will ship them when they get in stock and, as always, will ship these for free because they are over $25.

I don't want to get into a holy war with all the audio nerds out there but I really like Bose. My ex step-father was an audiophile and had a bunch of Bose stuff. I am in no way an audiophile but I think it sounded pretty good.  Regardless of your preferences, these Bose SoundDocks will sound better than the little speaker on your iDevice. It's also great for sharing music. An iPod or iPhone is such a personal device that it doesn't lend itself to being used by a group. You can use one of these to play music in your house for your family or even to power a party.

I have an iPod dock built into my surround sound system and I find it (or found it, since I am no longer an iSlave) very useful when doing chores. I hate cleaning up so I try to mitigate the annoyance by listening to a podcast or an audiobook. Of course you always get broom handle caught in the headphones and rip them out. Or, as if it were by magic, both earbuds will suddenly fall from your head and land in the toilet. I once came in from mowing my ridiculous lawn to get a drink of water and had one of my earbuds fall out and land IN MY GLASS OF WATER! Not that a SoundDock would help me while mowing the lawn but it still made me mad!

All that to say, when you buy this SoundDock, your chores, NAY, YOUR LIFE,  will get better. Bargainmoose gives you this gift because we love you very, very much.

(Expires: 30th September 2012)


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  • Avigayil M.
    Would love a Bose system. I have the iHome iP1 Studio Series with the Bongiovi Acoustics enhancer. Sounds beautiful, but I have always dreamed of owning a Bose.