Altitude Sports Canada: 35% Off Merrell

Altitude Sports Canada: 35% Off Merrell


Altitude Sports has a fantastic deal on if you are looking for some good-quality shoes for the whole family. Merrell is 35% off right now, which is a superb discount considering that this brand of shoes is pricey.

It is no secret that I have back issues, as I've blogged about it a number of times. It is mainly due to a lack of core muscle strength and posture, but it is also my footwear. If I wear flip-flops or other flat shoes, my back can get worse. Standing for long periods of time in particular means so much pain for me. I've been to a number of professionals and my chiropractor suggested Merrell brand of shoes and sandals as a good support for my body. I did buy a pair of sandals, which have stayed in fantastic condition for over $80 (gulp) and I even had a neighbour buy the same ones because she loved the style. I would never recommend buying the same shoes as someone else, as that is like infringing on their style, but I guess I could take it as a compliment and so could Merrell!

I need a new pair of runners and I see quite a few pairs that fit the bill (literally). I love these Ascend glove shoes, for the colour and for the fact that they'll last on long runs and demanding terrain. It has an integrated odour prevention technology, which I think is so important as sweaty feet smells are nasty. I'm going to have to see if the kid's shoes have this feature too, as my kids have the smelliest feet around I think! These shoes were $139.99, now $90.99. Unfortunately, the kids shoes are not included in this sale.

While my sandals are still kicking, variety is key in footwear. I love these enoki strap sandals, which are perfect for walking in wet weather or at the beach or pool. These were $99.99, but you'll save $25 and pay only $74.99.

Get free shipping on orders over $49, so most Merrell shoe purchases will get free shipping too.

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