(66% off) 24 Packs of Pur Gum for $21.60 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag Canada!

(66% off) 24 Packs of Pur Gum for $21.60 & Free Shipping @ Wagjag Canada!


Earlier this morning, I had written up a whole 400 word blog post about this $10 coupon code which works online @ Pur Gum Canada. At the time, I thought it was a very good deal… but then when I was browsing round the web, I actually found a much better offer. Over at Wagjag.com, you can pick up 24 packs of Pur Gum for only $21.60 as well as free shipping, when you use the coupon code below!

Make sure that you use the Wagjag.com coupon codeDAD10 when you are checking out. The price on Wagjag’s site is $24; this coupon code brings it down to only $21.60 – that’s actually $0.90 per pack of gum. Individual packs of gum on the Pur Gum site are coming in at $1.69 each, so you can see the difference in buying in bulk here.

You will also get two bonus packs of their new Pur mints with this deal, on top of the 24 packs of gum.

Have you heard of Pur Gum? They’re a brand that were featured on Dragon’s Den and have really grown in size. They specialise in aspartame-free products, including their popular Pur Gum product itself.

I personally don’t chew gum an awful lot. I do keep a pack in my purse for special occasions; e.g. If I’ve been out to lunch or for a cocktail, and my breath smells a little odorous. I would probably go through one pack of gum per month, roughly. But I know that some people are much more frequent gum chewers. For example, a friend of mine who works in an office downtown, she would pop a piece after every snack so she goes through quite a lot of gum. I’ll be telling her about this offer from Pur Gum and Wagjag!

(Expires: 4th June 2015)


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  • Sue
    Thanks for this - I"ve had the Wagjag site open to purchase this gum, but this sealed the deal for me :) Great gum, especially for kids, it is very very hard to find gum without nasty artificial sweeteners, and so our gum choices are few :)
    • Anna W.
      Excellent Sue, enjoy!