25% off Jamieson Vitamins @ Well.ca

25% off Jamieson Vitamins @ Well.ca

Well.ca is offering 25% off of Jamieson vitamins and believe me, it's nothing to sneeze about. You'll save money and you'll get free shipping when you spend over $29.00.

It's officially cold and flu season and you can tell from the coughs in the air! This is the time of year I like to go through the vitamins in our cabinets and do a bit of a re-vamp on them.

Increasing Vitamin D is so important for some of us in our Canadian winters when we so scarcely see the sun to give us the vitamin D naturally. It's on sale for $5.61, reg. $7.49. This is the best time to start increasing it too, not when we're in the dead middle of winter.

Increasing Vitamin C is another thing my family does in an effort to stay healthier as it potentially can help to strengthen an immune system. It's on sale for $7.11, reg. $9.49.

I love taking these Jamieson chewable Calcium in a spearmint flavour. It's on sale for $7.34 from $9.79.

You can check out the vitamins right here for the entire family. Jamieson Multi-kids 60 pack is selling for $8.61, reg. price $11.49.

Shipping is free on orders over $29. Otherwise, shipping starts from around $5.95.


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