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27 February 2012

I stumbled on this site last week, and dropped them an email to see if they could give the Bargainmoosers an exclusive coupon code - and they did! For an extra 10% discount at Outdoorpursuitscanada's online store, use the following coupon code:

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Outdoor Pursuits Canada is an Alberta based business and they sell many items, from clothing to first aid kits, mainly related to outdoor pursuits, as the store name might suggest. :)

For Christmas, my partner received a book very similar to this Outdoor Survival Guide which is $9.95 on the Outdoorpursuitscanada site. The book we have isn't just outdoor survival, but survival in general. It doesn't explain what to do in the event on a zombpocalypse, but it does explain lots of outdoor survival techniques. I had a glance through it the other night, and it's actually pretty detailed - showing you how to make bows and arrows, weave mattresses, how to survive in avalanches, and loads more! It's an interesting read, but makes you wonder if you'd ever really have to use any of the techniques. Well, you'd hope that you wouldn't have to make use of some of the more extreme techniques.... but some things are still really useful to know!

And speaking of my partner, he's obsessed with tools, like these multi-tools! Some of them look like torture devices rather than tools, but they're pretty interesting. It's the first time I've ever seen something like this CRKT Eat'N Tool which is $6.95. It's a Spoon, fork, bottle opener, screwdriver/pry tip, and more!

Regarding shipping from Outdoor Pursuits Canada, it depends on what you buy. Pop items in your cart to see the fees. When I did a test order for about $12, the shipping was $11, so that didn't make sense. But when ordering items for about $80, shipping was the same - so it could be worth making a larger order, or splitting the cost with friends. P.S. Shipping is free on spends of $150 or more.

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  • Jesse B.
    In regards to the shipping costs- we use order total based shipping, just like many of the big stores like Cabelas and Bass Pro. So if you buy an item for $12 and the shipping comes to $11, its because we would be losing money otherwise. FYI all orders over $150 ship for free and we have a customer loyalty program called OPC Bucks where you earn 5% back in store credit on all orders. We also have a Canada wide price guarantee and back it by beating all prices by 5% and giving the customer an additional 10% off their next order if they do find such an item. Cheers, Jesse Bastain - Owner, Outdoor Pursuits Canada
  • Anna
    Thanks Jesse :)

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