Well.ca: Bounty Products $2 & Charmin Products $5

Another great deal from Well.ca here. Get select Bounty products for only $2 - saving up to $3.99 and select Charmin products for only $5 - saving up to $6.99!

For $2 you can choose from:

For $5 you can choose from:

There is a limit of 2 per product for Charmin and Bounty - per customer. Shipping is free, even of these larger packages! These will probably sell out fast!

Expires: 13th May, 2012


  • chan
    Is this a good score? How can I compare he prices?
  • revblonde
    It's pretty decent deal. What makes the deal even more sweet is if you consider the free shipping to your door. I can vouch that Well.ca has FAST shipping. Usually I have my items within a day or two. They are in Guelph, ON and I am in Ottawa, ON. The free shipping also proves invaluable to those that cant get out of the house or dont have a vehicle. For the price and the free shipping I'd say this is a hot deal.
  • joy
    The prices are pretty good. About the same as a local store sale. With this you can order w/o even leaving home!! The paper towels are sold out.
  • Andrea
    Paper towels were sold out last night, but were back in stock this afternoon!

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