Weight Watchers Canada: 35% Off a 3 Month Plan

1 August 2013

Weight Watchers Canada has had a 25% off three months of their program for a while now, but now they've increased it to 35% off, saving you $39.95! Get three months of Weight Watchers for only $65.85.

I have friends and family who absolutely swear by Weight Watchers being the best way to lose weight. My personal trainer told me 90% of weight loss is diet and the other 10% is exercise. So you can exercise like a fiend, but if your diet is not great, you will not lose the weight. I've experienced this for myself last year when I was doing an intensive boot camp and losing only a pound a month! Once I changed my diet, the weight immediately fell off.

What's great about Weight Watchers is that you can follow the plan at your own pace, online. You'll get interactive tools that help you make the right food choices and know which activities are best for your body. You personalize your goals according to your height and weight and how much you want to lose. There are video exercise demos with workouts for every fitness level and over 16,000 food listings so you can easily track your calories and points. They even have recipes and eating out guides to make it as simple as possible.

You simply have to sign up and then follow the Weightwatchers plan. It is that easy!

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  • 1suprdad
    Not that it isn't a good deal, but just to put into perspective, it is the same amount of savings as when they waive the initial registration fee.
  • Noel
    If you want an alternative to Weight Watcher that is FREE, try MyFitnessPal. It is also an iOS and Android App! This is not spam :) Just a free alternative since I've joined MyFitnessPal, I've saved money and used the money that I would've paid for WeightWatchers towards food :) Just an idea :) Have a great day!

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