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23 March 2009

This deal has been around for quite a while as far as I know, but it is worth letting my lovely Bargainmoose readers know about it. If you join the mailing list online @ firstchoice.com, you will immediately receive a free coupon for a $2 discount $1 discount in-store @ your local First Choice Hair Cutters hair salon. When I joined up online, I received the email instantaneously.

I assume they’ll send me further offers in the future, but it’s worth joining for the $2 $1 coupon to start with. I’ve never actually used First Choice for a haircut, so I really don’t know how good their prices are – care to share your opinions?

When you join up, they send you out a unique coupon code for your $2 $1 discount, and it's targetted at your local store (which you choose in the signup process). It's only valid for 2 weeks from the date you sign up, so make sure you can use it within that time period.

I don’t really like going to the hairdressers very much. I’ve had a few bad experiences, and it makes me quite wary. After all, this person is in control of styling your hair, a part of you which is visible to the public each and every day of your life. If they mess it up, well, you’re the one who has to walk around with the bad hairdo! One thing I do enjoy though is getting my hair washed. At my local hair salon, they have massage chairs which you can relax in while they are washing your hair. And they usually massage the scalp for about 5 minutes too, which really is very relaxing indeed!

If you’d like to find out about more offers you can get straight to your email inbox, click the “email discounts” tag and see what you can sign up to!

Thanks Nicolas Valentin!

(UPDATE - comments now suggest that the value of the free coupon has only dropped to a $1 discount - shame!)

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  • Anna
    I got the $2 coupon through just now as well - worth signing up :)
    • ellen
      are they good hair dressers or just interns. For example get eye brows waxed trade secrets promanode for $5.00 instead of eight good deal. Hope its like that cause Im on odsp can't afford really
  • Nancy
    I have never had a problem with this place getting my hair cut.
  • karen
    They cheaped out and only gave me a $1 coupon!
  • kareena
    how do i get coupons for first choice?
  • Anna
    Join their mailing list as mentioned above... :)
  • Darryl
    Same for me, I just signed up on their website and they only gave me a $1 coupon.
  • Anna
    OK, I'll check it out and I think I'll update the first post :) THank you for the info!
  • Derek
    Got a fresh hair cut and feels great
  • Derek
    How long does it take to get the coupon? Anyone?
  • gloria
    love receiving the coupons! thank-you
    I haven't had a coupon sent for months. Why? I signed up long ago. Like 2 months ago or more!!!
  • Carol A.
    I haven't recieved my coupon for October as of yet.
  • A S.
    would like coupon
  • gladys a.
    this is a joke, there are no coupons printable, they keep switching you from one site to another and no coupons yet the ones listed here are from 2009 shame on first choice,
  • Adel S.
    Please send coupons
  • SAM
    getting a haircut tomorrow :)

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