Shoppers Drug Mart: $10 - $20 Restaurant GC with $50 Purchase (East)

Shopers Drug Mart

This offer is available for those in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. I am not sure the complete details of this offer, but as I know them I shall share them with you!

If you buy $50 worth of stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart on September 11 and 12 you will receive a $10 gift card that is valid at Montanna's, Milestone, Kelseys, Swiss Chalet and Harveys, if you spend $75 or more you will receive a $20 gift card for free.

Many thanks to both Julie and Felicia for sending us emails about this in regards to Montanna's and Milestone!


  • Avigayil
    Apparently for the rest of Canada you will get Boston Pizza GC instead.
    Just be aware that unlike other gift cards the ones earned through Shoppers do have have expiry dates & they do not have long ones. So if you are spending more just to earn them, they may not be beneficial if you can't use the G C fast enough. Got burnt on the McDonalds GC I earned this past fall by 1 day & didn't realize there was an expiry date.

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