Rexall Canada & Free $10 Subway Gift Cards…

Between the 21st and 22nd of February 2009, you can get yourself a free $10 gift card from Rexall, to spend at the Subway location of your choice!

What’s the catch!?

Unfortunately you have to spend the whopping sum of fifty five bucks in the Rexall drugstore to qualify for the offer. That’s not so bad though… just buy 19 bottles of $3 shampoo.

OM NOM NOM NOM as they say on the internets. Translation: My, how yummy this is. It’s easy peasy to spend $10 at Subway. Give me a lovely steak and cheese sub (obligatory pickles) or a nice mouth-watering meatball melt… yum! And I do so love their soggy cookies!

When I first had a subway, I only had a 6 incher. But I was determined to make it all the way up to a footlong, but my poor little belly just couldn’t take the strain. Over a gruelling period of months, with fierce training and absolute determination, I trained that belly to be able to cope with more and more, until eventually I was able to eat a whole footlong sub in one sitting. I trained daily, sometimes on the steak and cheese, sometimes on the chicken onion teriyaki… but I finally managed to reach my goal. Now it’s time to set my strategic goals… eating 2 footlongs in one sitting. I can do it!

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