Parents Canada: $16 For 12 Oral B Compatible Replacement Toothbrush Heads w/ Free Shipping

19 March 2013

Parents Canada has a really sweet deal happening right now that will save you 87% on your order.  For a limited time only, get a 12 pack Oral B Compatible Replacement Toothbrush heads for just $16 (a $120 value).

Here is a little bit more about this deal:

  • Package includes a set of 12 electric toothbrush heads compatible with such Oral-B models as Vitality, Triumph, Pro-Health and Professional Care
  • Indicator tells you when to change toothbrush heads, most electric toothbrush heads need to be changed every three months
  • Guaranteed product satisfaction
  • Multiple vouchers available for personal use and as gifts

These electric toothbrushes are not only good for adults, but they are great for kids as well because they do all the work for them.  No more missing spots  and it makes brushing teeth more fun.

This is an amazing deal because you will be saving a whopping 87%.  There will be no extra charges because the cost of shipping and taxes is all included in the low price of $16.

(Expiry: 23rd March 2013)

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  • I
    I can't buy this deal. I've filled out the form a bunch of times and every time I hit 'Buy', I get this error message: "avs failed". Anyone else have this issue?
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Hi! I think that's something to do with The Address Verification System when you put in your credit card details. Check you've got all the details exactly as is on your CC statement and try again :)
  • Michelle
    Why has the price gone up?
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      It hasn't? Still showing as $16.

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