Nail Polish Canada: Amazing Discounts on Color Club Nail Polish

Wow! So I was checking out Nail Polish Canada today trying to find a nice colour for my nails, something I would actually put in and take off like a proper woman does. I was suddenly shocked to notice how hugely discounted the Color Club brand of nail polish is! Most of the stuff is a minimum 25% off, and I have seen up to 40% off so far!

First of all they have an awesome 7 piece set that is on mega sale. Their Wicked Sweet 7 Pc Set - Scented Nail Polish by Color Club is regularly $55, on sale for $33! Scented nail polish, yummy!

I would personally like to try one of the Fracture Collection, nail polishes that 'shatter' when they dry to give an awesome look. They are all originally $12 each, now only $7.20! I wonder what I would use as a base colour.

Free shipping on orders of $29.

Thanks to Painted Lady Fingers for the pic.


  • Natalia
    I originally thought this was a good deal before too (they had this before), until I found the 7pc Wicked Sweet collection at my local Winners for 12.99. I have since found 3 other sets at Winners all for 12.99, and would recommend checking Winners out before buying here.
  • SLC
    I have seen much better prices on e bay. As Natalia said, Winners is also a great place to buy nail polish. I also stick with the non-toxic brands without things like camphor and formaldehyde.

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