Mē Smooth Elōs Professional At Home Hair Removal System was $290 now $190 @ Costco.ca

hair I'm always looking for new ways to save a little bit a money, and at-home beauty solutions usually do the trick for me. Costco has knocked down $100 off the original price of this Mē Smooth Elōs Professional At Home Hair Removal System. Originally priced at $289.99, it is now reduced to $189.99. Bonus: shipping is always free at Costco online.

I always trust Costco to carry high-quality items at great prices. This is why if I were to purchase an at Home Hair Removal System from anywhere, it would be from them. Best part? They 100% stand behind their product and offer Costco's Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With this guarantee, Costco will refund your full purchase price if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. How amazing is that? If this at home hair removal system doesn't work for you, simply return it. It's worth the try! Let's check out their features, shall we?

Unlike other at home hair removal systems, the Mē Smooth Elōs Professional At Home Hair Removal  is effective on all hair types. The manufacturer, Mē Smooth Elōs Technology Animation, describes the hair removal technique in this product as the most advanced in the world. It combines intense pulse light with radio frequency for effective, pain free hair removal. I was especially happy about the pain free part: I've had electrolysis done and I still remember how much it hurt!

The only thing I would advise with this hair removal system, is to really be patient and to follow the instructions. Some people are quick to want results, but permanent hair removal solutions take some time, be it at a salon or at home. The Mē Smooth Elōs Professional At Home Hair Removal takes 7 weeks to reach the expected results. That's a long commitment but the results are worth it.

For a long time I was skeptical about at-home permanent hair removal. I was surprised to learn that my aunt, who is an aesthetician, uses an inexpensive laser machine for hers. She swears by them and says that permanent hair removal systems for personal use have come a long way, and that most devices on the market really do work.  That vote of confidence really got me interested in machines like the Mē Smooth Elōs Professional.

Think the Mē Smooth Elōs Professional At Home Hair Removal is too pricey? You can share this with a family member or a friend since you can each have your own cartridge. This may sound strange but it will save you money and you can compare results!

Shipping is always free at Costco.ca.

(Expiry: January 17th 2016)

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