Exclusive Coupon Code for 65% Off Cosmetics! (EXPIRED)

Maybelline Mascaras Lola and Behold

I haven't had a chance to post much about it yet, but makeup is my number one shopping obsession. I can't resist a good makeup deal, and Bargain Moose is bringing you the best makeup deal around: 65% off cosmetics at Health Snap online. This is an exclusive coupon from Bargain moose and it only lasts until Friday, Moosers. Check it out while you can!

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  • Coupon Code: MOOSE65
  • Discount: 65% off cosmetics
  • Expiry: 22nd January 2016

I'm always checking out makeup prices at the drugstore. While some brands are always on sale, others rarely have discounts for more than 30% off. With this sale, you have access to at least 6 big drugstore makeup name brands at 65% off! A-m-a-z-i-n-g! You can take advantage of this sale by buying mascara for the months ahead, since you shouldn't keep your mascara for more than one month for hygienic reasons. I always stock up on a good sale and keep unopened items stashed away.

My favorite drugstore makeup brand is also the priciest. You've guessed it, it's Revlon! Some of their products easily compare to high-end makeup brands, and at 65% off you can get them at real steal! The Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder is one of my go-to products. I use it as an everyday powder for light coverage. You can barely tell it's on, which is how I like it. I start by putting on some concealer then put this powder all over my face, it does a beautiful job for a natural look. It was $12.69 but is now down to $5.02. I can't believe this price!

Like I've mentioned before, mascara is always a good thing to buy on sale. Some of my favorites are in stock at Health Snap, like the Maybeline Volum'Express The Colassal Mascara. With our coupon code it comes down to only $3.79. Looking to try a new mascara? Why not test the CoverGirl LashBlast Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara. It was $12.79 and is only $5.06 with our coupon.

If you buy for more than $50 after your coupon is applied, shipping is free. There is also the option of instore pickup if you live nearby a Health Snap location. My friend and I will be placing an order together to save on the shipping. This idea might appeal to you if you know someone who would be interested in a crazy-good-makeup-deal.

Check out our Health Snap Coupon Codes and our Bargain Moose Exclusive Coupons for more great deals.

Moosers, who loves makeup just as much as I do?


  • beatrice
    I purchased cosmetics from this company when they had a sale on Wag-Jag (I think you featured it here). I was really disappointed with the quality of the products (the eyeliner cracked when I tried to apply it). I contacted the company and they did nothing. I wonder if they get old items because 3/7 items I got were thrown away.
    • Alexa E.
      Hi Beatrice, that sounds terrible I've never had that experience with them. I doubt they are old products because of the wide variety they carry. Hopefully they have improved their service since then! I've ordered from them again today.
  • beatrice
    I have no idea why my comment was not published. It really bothers me because I feel like people deserve to know about all experiences, both positive and negative. The products I got were absolutely horrible.
    • Alexa E.
      Absolutely! Just late on the site tonight that's all :) I really do hope your experience was a rare occurrence.
    • Brooke W.
      I've ordered from them multiple times and I have always been happy - eyeliner and all! So I really hope that was a one time incident Beatrice. But of course, we value all your opinions - good and bad! I am terribly sorry to hear that their customer service didn't help you out though, what's that about?!
  • Jill
    Anyone else order the matress set from Sears and now get e mail Saying unavailable?
  • lamariposavioleta
    I have ordered from them maybe 10 times at least, and never had a problem, so i hope that was a one-off experience…it was actually bargain moose that got me on to them when BM posted about their $1 lipstick sale (which was INSANE…i totally cleaned up on that one) followed by a 70 (or 75%) off cosmetics coupon…i got a TON of new stuff to try (ok i went way overboard lol) and have since snapped up bundles or deals like this one, and have had NO problems so far…also the pharmacy pick up is a great way to order a few things and not have to pay shipping or spend more than you want to get free shipping.
    • Alexa E.
      That's great to hear! So you're the one who bought all the lipstick!? Haha I was too late to that sale and by the time I picked out all the lipstick I wanted it was all out of stock!
      • lamariposavioleta
        Lol, ya with BM posts its allllll about the timing. I went a lil crazy, and bought a bunch of shades i would never have tried normally (but for $1, why not) as well as birthday gifts for various teenagers in my life…i think i bought like 60??? The day that box arrived, i became my teenage step-sisters hero lol. I did only buy one of each of the shades i wanted, i didn't want to be greedy. And even by the time i got there, a lot were gone.
        • Alexa E.
          I was not fast enough, by the time I checked out they were all out of stock! You're right great ideas for birthday gifts, next time a sale like that comes on I'll have to tell some of my Makeup Artist friends such a good way to stock up their Makeup Kit!
  • Kayla
    Random odd comment but when I typed in MOOSE65 in the coupon code section on health snap it actually just said that code doesn't go active until 02-18-2016! Does that mean it will work twice as it has already expired once but didn't say just said it'll be active February 18th. A bit odd but thought I'd ask ;)
    • Alexa E.
      To my knowledge it has expired, but hey, worth a try ;) If you're interested in more Health Snap coupons make sure to check the blog, we get exclusive coupons quite often.
      • lamariposavioleta
        And a lot of the coupons work on stuff they already have on sale, or the weekly promos, so you can double down!!! Also, make sure to sign up for their emails, as they email out exclusive coupons/deals pretty often!
    • Anna W.
      Oh dear, you've found us out :p I've set up another one for next month, so you'll have to check back then!
  • Kayla
    Lol! I suspected as much and that's a good thing! I missed this one so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the next deal sometime this month ;) Thanks, Anna!

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