Fruits And Passion Canada 40% Discount!


This Fruits and Passion deal will work either online or in-store, or both if you're a spend-a-holic! You can get a huge 40% discount there - it's just a shame you can only use it on 1 product!

Here are the details:

Click here to shop online @ Fruits and Passion Canada

  • Coupon Code: BZZ3011
  • Discount: 40% off 1 regular priced item
  • Expires: 30th November 2009

Click here for the printable coupon for Fruits & Passion

Click here for the Fruits and Passion Canada store locator

I tested the coupon online on a $14 gift set, and it was reduced to $8.40 when I tried it at checkout.


  • Rose
    the coupon will not be accepted at store unless you are a bzzagents. what on earth is that and how do you become one
  • Anna
    It's just an online survey site Rose. You can join it if you really want, but it's not like they have an identity card or anything - anyone can use the coupon in-store.
  • Deba
    My coupon was rejected. You have to be a Bzzzagent. They require email address info that is part of the coupon printed at the top of the page. Anyone have this? Just the coupon will not work in Metrotown Burnaby.
  • Anna
    Deba... this doesn't make any sense. That is the exact coupon that was emailed, and there are no T&Cs to state that you need to be a bzzagent. In fact, you could just sign up on the bzzagent website, and viol√°, you're a bzzagent. I'd maybe email head office to complain, if I was you.
  • Deba
    I'll try another store, any suggestions where it will work for sure? Richmond Center? Funny I just got the bzz agent email in my mailbox sent from someone, I looked at it and then closed it and when I went to print it out later, the email was just an invitation to enter a contest...I am sure it was initially the 40% off coupon. Darn now it's gone.

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