Free Stuff Canada: Free Venus Embrace Razor (Gone!) is giving away a free Venus Embrace razor to Canadian customers. This type of freebie usually goes quite fast, so get your order in ASAP!

Fill in all your details and you should get the free razor in the mail! I’ve had a few of these free razors in the past. I think the companies give it away for free in order to encourage us to buy razor blades from them in the future. As the blades can be pretty expensive, giving us a free Venus Embrace razor to start with is a good move!


  • christie s.
    saw this offer through you on twitter......went to link filled out info click on send and will not send my revelant info....did it all correctly!
  • wench
    this is truly the best razor ever!! you would think with 5 blades that you would hack yourself up but you don't! the only negative is the crazy cost of replacement heads.
  • Anna
    Maybe try it in another browser christie? E.g. Internet explorer vs firefox. That sometimes solves problems :) :wench - yeah they are very expensive, but I buy them because this kind of razor is great for legs and underarms :)
  • HeatherGayle
    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been using my husband's "manblades" for a little while - I am overwhelmed in the razor section of the store - so many - I never know what to chose!! My legs (and my husband!!) thank you! :P
  • Anna
    I know exactly what you mean Heather! I think it is a worldwide phenomenon... hubby's razors must be used!
  • Kim
    they are now out of razors, they list a couple of stores where you can get free ones with purchase, but none near me :-(
  • Anna
    Told you to be quick!
  • Moe
    I snoozed, missed it. :(

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