DealTicker: $29 for a Professional Home Teeth Whitening System from Magic Smile ($200 Value)

I just recently got a couple teeth whitening treatments from a group buy site, and am rather pleased with the results. They usually are very expensive so I was thinking a professional home teeth cleaning kit would be great to maintain and aid in going a few shades whiter. It just makes you look better, feel better (and take better pictures) with whiter teeth! For $29 you can get a $200 worth Professional Home Teeth Whitening System!

The deal is open in Surrey on DealTicker, and if the link doesn't lead you there just check out Surrey - it is one of the side deals.

This kit includes FREE shipping!

  • May buy 5 vouchers for yourself, unlimited as gifts
  • Voucher is valid until May 31, 2012
  • All voucher redemptions are to be done online.

My dentist gives out kits like these if you are a new customer and have booked (and paid for) your first cleaning. Unfortunately, this started after I became a customer so I never got one.

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