Clorox Canada Printable Coupon: Save $2 On Brita Water Filters Or Filtered Water Bottles

14 August 2013

Live in the city? You should probably filter your water and save $2 while doing it with Brita products.

I live a little bit out of town, so I have a well and my water is fantastic. Well, as fantastic as water can be. I'm not a huge water drinker. When I lived in the city, I was even less of a water drinker. The water in my particular city is so chlorinated that it smells like a pool. Even after all the chemical treatment they do to it, it still tastes and looks horrible. It's yellow. I've lived in the country pretty much my entire life, so I never needed a water filter. I always had well water. When I moved here for school, I was just renting a room and my landlady had a water cooler set up in the kitchen for her tenants. When I moved out to my first apartment by myself, well, that's when I looked into getting some cans of drinking water from Anheuser-Busch. After I found out that it is Not For Sale, I got a Brita tap filter.

I don't know how well each of the Brita branded filters and bottles work, or how Brita compares overall, but I do know that with the tap filter, my water tasted less like I swallowed a gulp of pool water and that's enough for me! Both of these coupons are medium-long range deals and aren't individually numbered, nor do they require logins, so you can print a bunch and use them for the next two and a half months or so. If you can combine these with a store sale, you could make out like a thief!

These coupons are for in store only, so there won't be any shipping cost unless you have a really, really terrible grocery store.

(image Credit: Justin Taylor)

(Expires: 31st October 2013)

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  • susanmtl
    I've always been a fan of Bargain Moose, but the tone has changed over the last while. FYI, most of us bargain hunters are not interested in being convinced to buy something we don't really need, no matter how personal the story. And it's patently misleading to say people should filter their water when living in the city. Most cities, in Canada and North America in particular, have *excellent* tap water. In fact a city in BC even won the ranking for best tasting tap water in the world. ( Honestly, stop trying to sell us stuff and just post the deals. Thanks!
    • Anna W.
      Susan, I encourage all my authors to leave their personal opinion about the deals and coupons. And that's exactly what he above is... Shawn isn't trying to sell you anything, he's telling you about the deal, giving you his opinion, and that's what I ask him to do on a daily basis...
  • susanmtl
    Hi Anna, Thanks for the reply. If the guidance on what to write is coming from you, then I guess my comments are for you rather than the writer of this particular article, especially as I am commenting on the general trend on :-) Injecting some opinion or personal experience is fine (IMO), but the beginning of this article is written like a statement of fact: "Live in the city? You should probably filter your water[...]." I'm just telling you that, as a reader (oh, and a professional writer for the last 20 years), this kind of thing comes off as trying hard to convince me to buy stuff... Otherwise known as "advertising." I appreciate that's not your intention, but there it is. Best... -susanmtl

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