Canadian Freebies: U by Kotex


It has been almost a year since we got U by Kotex as a freebie, and guess what girls: it's back! Request this freebie to receive 2 funky coloured tampons, a cleanwear pad and a money saving coupon.

I use re-usables so my freebie pack will be donated to my local community agency for women in need. In the past I have heard of other Moosers who get freebies and then donate them, I think it is a great trend.

Thank you to Mooser Katie for sending us this freebie!


  • Abanti
    You did not mention the two tampons that you will receive. And you only get 1 coupon, not 3.
    • Avigayil
      woops! I ment to mention 2 colourful tampons.. not coupons!! lol Thanks for the heads up! :-)

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