Canadian Freebies: Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Creme Sample


So this freebie from Living Well is VERY popular and going awfully quick, and I have had such trouble getting into it! It is a sample of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Creme. There were 16,148 left when I finally got into it... so certainly check this one out.

The site is freezing quite a bit so you will need to have some patience with this one.


  • Anna
    Great freebie! Down to 8415 as I write this. By the way, my other half uses this on his dry hands - it is excellent.
  • brenda
    Offer is over.
  • joy
    All gone. When I got mine earlier it said 6000 left.
  • kim
    Awesome freebie... I wasn't able to get one this year, but I did last year..!
  • joy
    Got mine today
  • Anna
    Just used some of this on my hands, I like it.
  • Avigayil
    Got mine yesterday! A freebie I will actually keep and not giveaway, woohoo! Very nice stuff.

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