Canadian Freebies: Calcia 400 Trial Kit


For healthy bones everywhere! Medexus is offering a free Trial Kit of their calcium supplement Calcia 400.

Here is what they say makes their calcium supplement better than the rest:

Calcia™ is made with calcium carbonate which is a safe, highly absorbed form of calcium. Also, unlike calcium citrate, calcium carbonate is less likely to cause gastric reflux (heartburn).

Vitamin D plays a critical role in the absorption of calcium. Our bodies produce vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. Not surprisingly, vitamin D deficiency is common amongst Canadians, since we tend to lack consistent exposure to sun for many months of the year. No other national branded calcium supplement offers you more vitamin D than Calcia™ 400. Also ,Calcia™ only uses vitamin D3, the most active form of vitamin D available. So, relax, and take comfort in the fact that you’re not only getting the calcium you need, but you’re also getting the vitamin D your body needs to absorb it.

No bigger in diameter than a dime, only Calcia™ offers a full 500mg of calcium with high potency vitamin D, in a small easy-to-take Smoothchew™ tablet.

As fems we are suppose to take a calcium supplement (I don't yet, bad me) so this might be a good start. This is because we are more prone to diseases that affect our bones, like osteoporosis (yuk), especially as we age. I know the part about Vitamin D lacking in Canadians is very true, I have a huge deficiency in my body and am required to be on a Vit. D supplement. I wonder if this could also help?

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