Buytopia Canada: $25 For $50 Worth Of Cake Beauty

At Buytopia Canada, pay only $25 for a $50 voucher for Cake Beauty. That is essentially 50% off but the voucher does not include taxes or shipping.

The voucher expires 24th July 2013 so you will have just under three months to use it. You can buy one for yourself, and an unlimited amount as gifts (but only one gift per person). As mentioned before, taxes and shipping are not included in the voucher and the voucher is not eligible for cash back or credit. You can use the voucher on all regular priced items on Cake Beauty's website (not sale or promotional items).

Voucher excludes those located in Northwest Teritories, Yukon, Nunavut, and Newfoundland & Labrador (sorry guys!).

I have been really hit and miss with Cake Beauty products. I absolutely love some lip balm I have of theirs,  but I had a nasty allergic reaction to a cinnamon scrub they use to make. I really want to try their satin sugar sweet fuss-free volumizing dry shampoo spray for $22. I am always trying to infuse volume into my hair and a product that would make that task easier is fantastic in my books.

(Expiry: 26th April 2013)

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  • whitney
    I'm a big fan of Cake!! I recommend the dry shampoo, give it a shot it's awesome!!

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