Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Smoothbeauty Laser ($569 value) from Tria Beauty! (CLOSED)

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If you enjoy pampering yourself and are dreaming of youthful skin, this contest is for you! Tria has given Bargainmoose a Tria Smoothbeauty Laser (valued at $569) to give away to one lucky winner this week.

What's a Smoothbeauty laser and why do you want one? In a nutshell, it's a “beauty breakthrough" (as Tria calls it) that helps improve your skin's appearance by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It the same laser technology skin treatments that you can get at a doctor's office, except that this is a do-it-yourself and less expensive version. The product has clinical studies backing it up, it's got a 90-day money back guarantee, and tons of online user reviews for you to consider. This last part is a big plus for me as I really like to see what other customers are saying before buying something in this price range!

If you want to learn more about how the Smoothbeauty Laser works, check out the Tria website. They've got videos, examples of before-and-after, and reviews to help you get familiar with the product.

Want to win this prize? Here's how to enter:

“Comment below and give us your favorite beauty tip!"

My favorite beauty tip is to drink lots of water. Drink it all day long to keep your skin looking nice!

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  • Ends 20th April 2014
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  • Sonya
    My favorite beauty tip is putting coconut oil on my face after a shower, it is the best rejuvenating moisturizer I have ever used!!!
  • Tracy
    My favorite beauty tip is using Vitamin E and coco butter to help reduce the appearance of scars and discoloration in my skin (plus makes it super smooth). ^_^
  • Maria
    Sleep, and more sleep. Best beauty treatment by a mile.
  • UncleStuart
    Smile, smile, smile.
  • Maureen A.
    Lots of sleep and green veggies are the best skin treatment.
  • yingy_c
    My favorite beauty tip is to use natural products as moisturizers, such as emu oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.
  • Sandra
    Skin primers are awesome!
  • Katy
    Definitely a good night sleep and washing off any make-up that can clog up pores =).
  • Ann
    I always put sunscreen when I go out in the summer, especially on my nose, cheeks and ears !
  • Carol
    Keep your skin moisturized......especially with the cold and bitter winter we had...our skin surely took a beaten....moisturize to keep your skin smooth and not dried out
  • Rick
    My best Beauty tip is to be confident in your own looks. My wife never wears makeup and doesn't have to. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. She has always been confident enough not to wear it and now as were getting older her skin looks great.
  • Sharon
    Always use a daily moisturizer that has a minimum of SPF 15 ! As much as we love the sun, it ages our skin, so protection is better than cure..... right ;-)
  • Nicole
    For soft, plump, and light lips I scrub lightly with toothbrush before bed. Then I add a spray of lemon juice followed by a generous layer of vaseline. I get many compliments on my kissable lips!
  • Louise
    Use coconut oil for the tips of your hair - a great mosturizer that smells nice too!
  • Sherri
    I use coconut oil as my moisturizer after a shower for both body & face. It's also great for your lips.
  • Tina
    Lots of sleep, water, and always smile! :)
  • darci
    Make sure you get enough rest and use a satin pillow, it keeps your face from creasing! Also wash your pillowcase a few times a week :)
    I try to be happy as much of the time as I can, when I am happy I feel beautiful!
  • Alison
    Sunscreen is my favorite tip. Nothing ages the skin faster than sun damage.
  • Dennis
    Worry less and laugh more.
  • CalgaryCaper
    Always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen! :)
  • Debbie B.
    For tired eyes, put cool tea bags on each eye and relax.
  • moe146
    Lots of sleep and keep out of the sun.
  • Corry L.
    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • Huguette E.
    My tip is use sunblock, helps prevent those dark spots. @henglish
  • Jessica
    Lots of sleep and water!
  • Ann
    Drink LOTS of water. Exfoliate. Use a good face cream day and night. Don't forget your neck and décolleté. Use sunscreen. And lastly, find contentment in life.
  • Ann
    Always use sunscreen and get lots of sleep.
  • Michael
    My best tip is to always use a dry brush before you get in the shower. It may hurt at first, but you're removing all the dead skin from your body and your skin afterwards will be so soft. Try it out and let me know how it feels and looks. Thanks for the great contest!
  • Wyl
    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
  • vi
    get lots of rest and wash & moisturize
  • Rhonda
    I have become obessed with Coconut oil. I use it as a moisturizer on my body, in my hail, have started oil pulling and I think my teeth are whiter! I put a few drops of essential oil in liquid coconut oil and have scented oil for the bath leaving my skin nice and soft. (Beware of slippery bath tub tho!)
  • Christy
    Eat healthy food, drink less alcohol! Your body and your skin appreciate it!
  • Wendy
    Sleep and removing your makeup before bed. Tart BB cream for evening your skin tone, Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo for a boost of volume to hair and argan oil for shine. Also love Maskeraide Detox Diva masks for some mega hydration for your face.
  • Brandy
    Don't smoke, and drink only in moderation.
  • Paula
    It's important to wash your face before going to bed.
  • Lesley
    I like to moisturize right after a shower, while still wet; it locks in all the extra hydration from the water!!
  • KittyPride
    Learn how to destress, meditate and smile, nothing lights up your face better :D
  • Karen
    Sunscreen! And wear a hat when on holidays or during the summer.
  • Josie
    Try to be a as stress free as possible. Do yoga!
  • Norine
    I always use foundation that contains a good sunscreen.
  • Josie
  • Tamara
    Jojoba oil! Great for skin, hair and nails. My nails kept splitting and after a few weeks of using pure jojoba oil on my hands- problem solved!
  • katama381
    Drink lots of water and moisturize my face each morning and night
  • Pat M.
    Moisturize, and moisturize! Then use sunscreen! Best advice my oncologist gave me!
  • Kim
    Always wear sunscreen and drink lots of water:)
  • Hina
    My favourite beauty tip is to get enough sleep:::::)
  • Vanessa V.
    Use apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner before bed, it's great for the skin!
  • Renee
    Vaseline is the best beauty product. Cheap, effective, and you can put it on anything.
  • julie
    Eat lots of veggies and slow down on the coffee.
  • Miss L.
    Eat, love, sleep - repeat!
  • Lori
    Sunscreen, sleep, and water!
  • lennypuz
    My tip would be to eat well, sleep enough, drink water and ladies - wash your makeup off at night!
  • Desiree
    Always use a scrub at least once or twice every two weeks. This will ensure the proper regeneration of cells and your pores wont be get clogged by dead skin cells. Not only will you feel nice and fresh but your skin will feel amazingly soft after moisturizing. A great body scrub that I love to use is called Frank Body! A coffee scrub infused with different oils that will energize your skin, soften it and make it beautifully smooth!
  • Mei
    Wash your face at night and drink water
  • Tania
    Exfoliate with baking soda. It brightens your face, is cheap and natural. : )
  • nic
    Wear SPF always!!
  • kc
    Good Oral hygiene - a healthy white smile is the best look!
  • nlanthier
    A small amount of make-up is better than none, or too much!
  • Kate
    Sleep well, drink lots of water, exfoliate regularly!
  • SS
    Drink lots of water and always wear sunscreen :)
  • Rebby
    My beauty tip is the same as yours - drink plenty of water! Also make sure to never sleep with your makeup on. Always remove it before you go to bed!
  • Rebby
    I tweeted
  • Rebby
  • sandra
    Sunscreen every day!! Smile it is the most simple way to make yourself beautiful.
  • Karen
    I think the best beauty tip I can offer is to protect your skin from sun damage all year round. Our global environment is changing so there is no season that does not require SPF protection.
  • Pam
    Soon as you get out of the shower apply baby lotion all over
  • Laurie
    Think good vibes stay out of sun and smile - coconut oil is great too!
  • Linda
    Get plenty of sleep and clean, clean your face.
  • Lorrie
    My beauty tip is to drink lots of water
  • Krystal T.
    Fave beauty tip: Keep it fresh and natural. Clean hair, fresh face, bright smile, and a positive attitude. Also, add a little mascara, it brightens the eyes and can really change your attitude from so-so to beautiful. :)
  • Anne
    Basic makeup - mascara, blush and lipstick. Wash your face every night, lots of rest. Think positive
  • Karla S.
    My favorite beauty tip is to wash your face and moisturize every night before bed.
  • Karla S.
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  • Nancy K.
    Wear SPF daily
  • Tricia C.
    My favorite beauty tip is to remove all of your makeup before going to bed . . . yes, even if you're too tired!
  • Tracey L.
    Plenty of sleep, plenty of water!!
  • pinecone
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  • josee d.
    What I like to do is to put my day cream on ,then brush my teeth and after my teeth is brushed I I put my primer then I brush my hair and then put my make up the wait time in between steps is making sure that all the products have time to set in. :)
  • Tiggrr
    Wash your face before bed and apply a good moisturizer. Eat well, sleep well, love well
  • Trish
    Get enough sleep, laugh often, exercise
  • Linda P.
    drinks lots of water stay out of the sun as much as possible, and lots of good moisture cream and blend in well and a good nights sleep.
  • zahra p.
    Use a hypoallergenic cleanser and one that suits your skin. There is no substitute for good skin
  • Dayle
    Always remove your make-up at night and moisturize!
  • Dianne A.
    Use moisturizer daily on a well cleaned face and wear sunscreen every day
  • Ruby H.
    My favorite beauty tip is to not sweat the small stuff; live is too short for that!!
  • Jacqueline M.
    Keep your skin hydrated, protected with SPF and prevent stress :)
  • Amber H.
    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!
  • Amy
    Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, have a balance diet, relax and believe in God
  • lori b.
    my tip is to cleanse your face and remove make up every evening, lots of water intake
  • lori b.
  • Kevin p.
    Need a quick facial exfoliate when travelling? Grab a little packet of white sugar from the hotel room next to the coffee maker, mix one packer in th palm of your hand with your gentle face wash and voila, exfoliate your skin and spliff off the dead skin cells with the grains of sugar. And if you happen to lick it when cleaning, as long as your facial wash isn't toxic, you'll satisfy your sweet tooth too!
  • AmandaS
    Thanks for another awesome contest! My beauty tip is for dry lips. Especially in the winter this can be a problem, so I use my wet toothbrush to gently brush over my lips, and it sloughs off any dead skin and leaves your lips really soft.
  • Erin
    Cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen and ALWAYS remove makeup before you go to bed.
  • Nena S.
    You need a good sleep every night and I do drink a lot of water, all day long, I don't know anyone who drinks more water than I do! :)
  • Therese
    Smile, sunscreen and drink water
  • Catherine (.
    My favourite tip is also to drink plenty of water. I'll add to moisturize daily, starting when you are a teen. It does wonders!
  • Diane
    Best beauty tip: moisturize!
  • Sherry
    De-stress - your mind, your body and your life!
  • Tara
    I know this is a bit vain, but try not to frown; it ages you and people notice it.
  • jumpingranny
    Use sunscreen, don't smoke, eat well and laugh often!
  • Jenny
    Use a serum before your moisturizer so that the moisturizer can be more easily absorbed into the skin! Using a serum may be too heavy for the daytime but there is no excuse for the night time!
  • Lisa
    Wear a daily moisturizer with SPF.
  • Lyne L.
    Sleep and fresh air - with sunscreen, of course! It puts me in a good mood, a great side benefit!
  • ginette4
    I have a few beauty tips, never, ever, ever wear makeup, it ages your skin and drink lots and lots of water
  • Tina
    Sunscreen, sunglasses, don't tug at your delicate skin, hydrate and moderation of alcohol and processed foods ...and absolutely do not smoke!
  • Carolyn
  • Nina M.
    wear sunscreen every day and wear sunglasses
  • Frances
    Primrose soap on your face does wonders for your skin and leaves it feeling very clean.
  • Krista M.
    Ensure your body is getting enough nutrients from fresh foods like omega fatty acids & vitamins B, D & E. A fresh diet for a fresh face!
  • Karen
    Use a microfiber face cloth to wash your skin instead of soap. I found my skin looks healthier with the added bonus of saving money in the long run by not needing to buy special soap for your, it's better for the environment!
  • Joyce J.
    Drink plenty of water, wear sunglasses and sunscreen and don't smoke!
  • 409cope
    My favorite beauty tip is to always remove all traces of makeup before bed.
  • Naomi
    Moisturize your lips using a balm that contains bees wax every night and your lips will look more youthful.
  • ginette4
  • Charmaine
    Moisturize Moisturize moisturize!!! And plenty of rest ♡♡♡
  • Samantha
    Get enough sleep and drink plenty of wAter!
  • Alvina
    As part of nighttime skincare routine, use pure tea tree oil as a spot treatment on existing acnes, blemishes, or bumps (that seem to develop into acnes). Tea tree oil helps speed up the healing process and prevent/mitigate painful acne cysts!
  • Lisa
    I take an Omega 3 capsule daily for healthy looking skin
  • christine c.
    my Favourite skin care tip is one that my skins healthy glow depends on!! Being a student, my budget spares no "budging" room when it comes to things such as facial cleansers... let alone skin masks ! My "go to" face mask is an affordable dozen of eggs!! Not all 12!! lol but 1 egg white whisked up for about 30 seconds, you apply this to your face This will clear any blemishes you may have and leave your skin glowing and very soft! If you are looking to get rid of blackheads then once the egg white has been applied immediately take strips of pre cut toilet paper and apply onto the egg white, paint on one more layer of the egg white wash then leave till the mask hardens, once hardened you can just take the mask usually comes off in one piece!! say hello to clean pores and a healthy glow!!

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