Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 4 Prizes from Oxygen Plus! (Total Value $441+) (EXPIRED)


*** Contest now closed, winners were Sandra, Cindy, Sebastien & Sophia ***

Is it going to be a late night tonight or will you be getting up early for a long run on your day off? Either way, did you know that you can boost your energy, clear your mind and alleviate the effects of exercise or gluttony with oxygen? Oxygen Plus are these cool recreational oxygen canisters that really give you a lift and we have four prizes from Oxygen Plus Canada to give away to you right now!

The first prize worth $39.99, will elevate you to the next level with the O+ Elevate pack. It comes with your starter shell and two canisters.

The second prize is worth $74.98 and includes the O+ Elevate pack plus three extra refills of the peppermint flavour. I can just imagine the cool sensation these ones will provide!

The third prize is the O+ Mini Mixer with a retail value of $86.97. In it, you'll get three 3-packs of mini canisters, which are great to take on the go with you on runs, airplanes or just in your pocket. For days you don't feel like a flavour, the natural is perfect, or amp it up with peppermint or pink grapefruit.

Finally, our grand prize is worth a whopping $239.99 and will get you through your next marathon with ease. It comes with 24 canisters of O+ Skinni Canadian Sport. You can hoard these all to yourself, or give them to friends to try. They could make great stocking stuffers for friends!

If you are looking at the site and don't want to wait to get something, you can take advantage of a fantastic exclusive promo code for 20% off your order until the end of September. Use O+MOOSE to get your discount.

How to win one of these prizes?

Tell us the reason you need oxygen on the go! Is it to help cure those massive hangovers or to boost your performance at the gym? Leave your comment below.

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 13th September 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • Tricia C.
    I need Oxygen Plus to help me feel more energized and alert ~ some days I'm just tired and I could use the boost! Also, I was reading the reviews and I may just have to try this product if I get a cold!
  • Maureen
    I've never tried this but I think it might help when I'm gonig on long walks. Sounds interesting.
  • Bill
    I have COPD so I wonder if this would help when I get out of breath. Would love to try it.
  • Tricia C.
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  • suzi
    I often seem to be sluggish in the morning and I think that this could really help!
  • sandra
    Never heard of this!!! This could be a game changer.
  • Cindy
    My grandfather has very serious breathing problems due to smoking. Sometimes he can barely walk without stopping and breathing heavily for more oxygen. This would be a great on-the-go oxygen resource that can make him feel a lot better.
  • darci
    Single parent of three teens who are always on the go, would love to try this to give myself a bit of a mental boost :)
  • Ruby P.
    I would like to try this product to see if I can get rid of the afternoon sluggishness that I seem to experience.
  • lennypuz
    Wow, to give me a boost in the afternoons after I get into the lil would really help!
    • lennypuz
  • Sue
    Homeschooling mama of 2 could use any boost that I can :)
  • Lucie
    I deplete my energy very quickly, so a boost is always a +
  • Ann
    I would like to try this for hiking !
  • Carly
    this would really help me out for when those nights happen where my daughter just can't sleep and I have to be up super early for work the next day. :)
  • Cheryl
    It's 2014 and I just need to try this product!
  • Tiggrr
    I work in an office with no windows, eventually the air gets pretty stale and I and all my coworkers feel pretty sluggish by the afternoon. This just might be what we all need, so would not mind trying it out.
  • Sebastien M.
    I`m mobile advisors and I use all the time my memory for this style of work I wish to win this product for testing that on me I would like optimise my memory performance !
  • katama381
    This will certainly help when I go for my walks because I tend to get wheezy and out of breath near the end
  • Andrew
    I work in IT and always need my brain working at 100%. I have only tried the product a couple of times but I absolutly love it. I can feel the energy boost almost immediately after ingesting. I also use it when I go for runs and when I need to cure a hangover. I love it :)
  • Wendy
    I need the boost because I run a home daycare and by naptime I wish I could take a nap with the kids!
  • Deborah
    I would love to see if this product would give me enough energy to actually work out after being in the office all day. Especially with the darker evenings coming soon.
  • Karla S.
    I would love to try this for my hubby. He gets reallly bad cluster headaches,,and the only thing that eases them at all,is when the doctor gives him oxygen. I think this would be a good thing for him to try.
  • Karla S.
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  • Nina M.
    I'm always tired in the morning, and would like to try
  • Rick
    after losing 34 lbs in 2 months and still another 15 lbs to go I really could do with the energy this would give me to keep it going.
  • Laura
    To help me exercise with high blood pressure issues
  • Colleen F.
    The Saturday morning long run
  • mike89
    To try and stop cluster headaches before they get bad enough to affect my work.
  • Laura
    Two kids, full-time job; need help with deep breathing! ;-)
  • Sophia
    This product would most probably help me to keep up with my 3 young kids. Some days it just seems almost impossible.
  • Samantha
    I need a boost for running around with full time university, raising toddlers at home, and getting a good workout on gym days!
  • OriginalTM
    I use this product all the time. I lost 25 lbs & take it when I go on long walks and hikes. It helps increase energy even before exercise, which helps to motivate physical activity. My mom tried it today. She was doing the Parkinson SuperWalk and had to turn back early because of back/shoulder pain. She swore after she tried it that her muscle pain was gone.
  • Linda P.
    I have suffered chronic fatigue most of my life, yes I have been tested for everything under the sun, maby this would help. Thanks
  • Ann
    To help me make it through the afternoon when I feel sluggish at work.
  • Brenda S.
    It would help me deal with teenagers.
  • Mitch
    I work as an engineer in the royal canadian navy, and I use O+ for a quick refresh whenever I climb out of the engine spaces in my daily work. The spaces are tight and maneuvering to repair/work on parts can be very phycally demanding. The machinery/engine spaces I work in are consantly filled with diesel fumes, exhaust leaks, greases, lubricants and tons of other chemicals and fumes. Nothing makes me feel better than 3-5 breathes of pure oxygen after a few hours work down there let me tell you. It's a breath saver. Literally.
  • Lisa A.
    Would love to try this for extra energy during my long runs.
  • Lisa A.
    I subscribe to daily email updates. :)
  • Nena S.
    I get insomnia all the time and often have to go to work with no sleep. I think this could help me feel better!
  • Nena S.
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  • Julie
    The extra boost to help me chase after a three year old would be more than welcome!!
  • Lori C.
    To deal with 3 grandsons!!
  • ginette4
    I don't need it but would love to have it for my husband..he's been taking oxygen pills and he loves the results.
  • ginette4
  • ginette4
  • Natasha
    This would be great for a pick me up after work, i'm usually pretty tired after work and come home and become a couch potato. I always wish i could have energy after work to go to the gym and run any errands that can't wait until the weekend. I wonder if this would help me. I would love to to try it!!
  • lilpeej
    I think these products would be most helpful when I am required to travel for medical appointments. I am on the highway for 6 hours and I get pretty tired after I am through with everything. I think they'd help keep me alert and drive home safely!
  • lilpeej
    subscribed Tweeted
  • Sandra
    I would love to try this. As a busy single parent that's a shift worker i'm always in need of a little extra boost. I've set a goal to run my first half marathon next year so the boost for long runs would be beneficial!
  • ChrisParsons
    I use this product each time I get back from traveling. It really helps me recover from Jet lag!
  • Angela M.
    I'd like to see how this would help me for my running and hiking.
  • Angela M.
    I subscribe by email.
  • Anita
    I would use it during dragonboat practices and see if it really helps.
  • OriginalTM
    The contest may be over but the 20% OFF Orders with discount code O+MOOSE is still valid until end of September.

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