5 Tips to Make your Beauty Products Last Longer

27 December 2014


As mentioned in a previous Bargainmoose post, the average person spends $1200 a year on makeup, or about $100 a month.  That's a pretty penny if you ask me and it is equivalent to an international flight or an all inclusive vacation after a year of makeup purchases.  Therefore, it makes sense to try and make the makeup last longer if you are able to.  Even though typically, the items that are usually in your makeup bag need to be tossed after a year or two due to accumulation of bacteria, there are some ways that you can make your make up last longer.  Besides, sometimes it can be hard to part with great beauty products, or it can be difficult to find the same products in the stores.  So when this happens, making your beauty products last longer will definitely help keep your  peepers pretty.

Here are five small tips on how to make your beauty products last longer than the usual one to two years.  Of course, making sure you clean your makeup brushes at least would be helpful to keep things running smoothly to avoid bacteria accumulation.


Mascara is a girl's best friend but the problem with it is that it can dry up quickly or get smelly quickly.  General care tips such as not pumping the mascara wand each time you use it can help you increase the longevity of your mascara.  Pumping the mascara wand causes air pockets to form in the mascara tube and encourages bacteria to grow (source: Glo).  Personally, it is a bad habit of mine to pump the mascara before applying it so I need to fix that.

If your favourite mascara is already drying out and getting clumpy, as mentioned in last year's Bargainmoose post makeup on a budget, just add a few drops of Visine or other normal saline solution the mascara and you will get 9 more lives out of that mascara wand.


According to a great article by Learn Vest  perfumes change over time and often lose their smell, so in order to make your perfume last longer, it is best to keep perfume in a cool, dry place.  In addition, some people advocate putting your perfume in a fridge to keep it cool and dry, but the constant temperature changes when you take the bottle in and out of the fridge can cause it to deteriorate sooner.  So basically the rule of thumb is to keep it somewhere cool, dark, and to keep it there instead of taking it in and out of the fridge regularly.

Nail Polish

In order to keep nail polish clump fee and less solid (so that it can glide onto your finger  nails juuust right) one great easy tip is  to apply a small amount of nail polish remover to your nail polish bottle.  This thins the consistency of the nail polish and makes it much easier to apply next time you have a home pedicure or manicure.


Unfortunately blades do get dull (and we know dull blades are bad news).  One excellent tip from Glamour magazine is to add baby oil to your shaver blade, this keeps your blade sharp for longer.  The way you do this is by shaking the blade dry, drying the blade well, and applying baby oil to coat the blade so that this prevents the dulling of the blade from the minerals in water.

Use a Different Weapon of Choice

When I mean weapon, I mean instead of using a cotton ball to dab up your toner/ astringent/ nail polish remover or other beauty product, use a cotton pad instead.  Cotton balls absorb too much liquid and will end up causing you to use much more product that you needed.  Besides, cotton pads (in my opinion) seem to exfoliate a bit better than cotton balls do.

Perfume, nail polish, razors, and mascara... There you have it, hope these tips help increase the life span of your makeup!  Keeping what we put on your face clean and dry from bacteria can help us keep our skin healthy.

Bargainmoosers, do you have other beauty tips to make your beauty products last longer than they were intended to?

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  • Rebecca H.
    Please, NEVER use nail polish remover to thin nail polish! If your polish is starting to get too thick, use a nail polish thinner. Add a drop or two at a time, and shake. If it isn't thin enough, add another drop or two. Do NOT add nail polish remover. Doing so will destroy your polish. http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/categories/nail-treatments/nail-polish-thinner.html

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