30% Off Award Winning Skincare Products & Free Samplers @ Murad Canada

If you purchase some skincare items from Resurgence Canada just now, you can get a 30% discount on the regular prices. And included in this promotion is an awesome 3 piece sampler.  What’s really nice about this 3 piece sampler is you get to choose which samples you want so no wasted items. What a great idea.

Here are a few items to choose from.  Remember to choose your three piece sampler as well.

I haven’t personally ordered from Resurgence Canada, although I have been the receiver of samples from a friend, but haven't yet had the chance to make use of them. I'll try them soon and write about them the next time I find a deal for this store. :)

I went to the internet to give me a review. Rita B., MD said,

The resurgence products are awesome. It is very nice to see a company stand by their products.  Thank you very much.

Some points about ordering from Resurgence Canada:

  • Enroll in Auto fill and get every fifth shipment free
  • Free Regular Delivery over $75
  • Free Express Shipping over $150

(Expiry: Unknown)

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