Wow! 47" Plasma TV For Only $99 @ Amazon! (QUICK!)

Just a quick post for this one, I can't really believe it is this price! I spotted a 47" Panasonic Plasma TV for only $99 online @!

Be quick! I am sure they only have a few available, so the sooner you grab one, the better! And as it is over $25, you also get totally free shipping from Amazon.

Quick specification:

  • 47" Panasonic Plasma TV
  • 1080p resolution
  • 360 Backlight Scanning

Grab it while you can!

(Expires 1st April 2012)


  • Jodie
    Got me!
  • Sonja
  • yulia
  • Lynne
    you got me; good one:)
  • Elle
    I am totally devastated! But LMAO! Good one!!!!
  • Avigayil
    Pure evil. :p
  • Amanda
    Too funny,lol
  • Krista
    Wow you got me too!! lol
  • Salima
    got me too!

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