Free 4Videosoft iOS Transfer 8.2 - $45 Value @ GAOTD - Today Only!

iPhone PC Software-Easy File Transfers! FREE

Every day, I check out the 'giveawayoftheday' daily software giveaway. It changes daily and can be pretty exciting for a computer geek like me. On the days that I find something worthwhile, like today, it feels like I hit the jackpot.

Finding 4Videosoft iOS Transfer 8.2 up for grabs is like finding a goldmine to me. I think a lot of iPhone users can relate to this: While I love Apple products, I find the interface of iTunes (the software used on the PC that works in conjunction with the iPhone and iPad) is not as 'user-friendly' as that of it's competitor, the Android. Apple has never offered up a file system that you can use a simple copy and paste function, when transferring files to and from a PC. This program will be an invaluable solution for you. You can also transfer files among iOS devices, and even sync files to iTunes!

If you want an easier way to quickly transfer multiple file types such as music, videos, photos, ringtones, and more between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC, then you will definitely want to click on the link below to see what it's all about.

Be sure to follow the instructions to register the program, as it must be registered today. It's easy to do. If you are running Windows 8.1, for most Giveawayoftheday downloads, you need to restart your computer in "safemode" with network privileges before or after you downloaded the program, then click to install. It has something to do with Windows permissions, and has been an issue that shows up often on Giveawayoftheday for only Windows 8.1.

You will probably be offered special discounts, etc. on some of their other products but if you want solely the free program, go ahead. I always go into the program settings and make sure I unchecked the 'check for updates' that often is checked off as default. Sometimes with a Giveawayoftheday program, if you update it, you will lose the program as it will no longer be 'registered' so just watch not to update the program to a different version, if offered.

(Expiry Date: 30th April 2016)

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