Quick Giveaway: Win A Copy Of Turbotax Software Worth Up To $44.99!

2 February 2012

*** Contest now closed - winner is Mooser Shari! ***

My buddies over at Turbotax Canada have offered a free copy of their tax software for one of the Bargainmoosers, so I'll do a quick giveaway for it.

Reportedly, Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Tax time is looming closer and closer, so I am sure someone will be able to make great use of this prize!

Prize: The winning Mooser can choose any of the following online products:

  • Turbotax Standard worth $17.99
  • Turbotax premier worth $32.99
  • Turbotax home & business worth $44.99

There you have it!

How to enter: Leave a comment below stating how you feel about taxes!

Don’t forget that if you subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates you will get a bonus contest entry (if you’re already subscribed, you're automatically entered into the contest).


  • Ends 3rd February 2012
  • One entry per household
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion

P.S. If you plan on buying the Turbotax software in the next month or two, we've got an exclusive deal for 10% discount. Click here to activate the Turbotax Coupon.

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  • mary
    Taxes! a necessary evil.;)
  • Vicki
    Your taxed to death including when you die. Just so much easier with turbo tax.
  • Brenda
    Taxes - a must do. Using Turbo Tax makes this "chore" so much easier.
  • Karen
    no one enjoys doing taxes but this software makes the process easier
  • kretlaw
    We need to pay taxes to keep our country running..
  • Annie
    Yucky Yucky Yucky without turbo tax
  • Lindsay T.
    I use turbo tax and I actually don't mind doing my taxes! I always get money back which is nice.
  • Larissa
    Golf is a lot like taxes. You drive hard to get to the green and then wind up in the hole.--at least programs like TurboTax can help you find loopholes to make the most of your return! I am subscribed to your daily emails as well. Thanks! Larissa
  • harold m.
    hate taxes love this software
  • Lesley
    Do I enjoy paying them? Not particularly, but the accounting nerd in me gets a little thrill when the forms come in the mail! :)
  • Sarah
    Is it strange I kinda like taxes? :) Tax returns are like second christmas! :)
  • Erika
    Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is quite as satisfying as an income tax refund. Turbo tax makes the process of getting that refund quick and easy. Like magic, this is a wonderful software product that works!
  • Maria
    Love hate relationship for me - love a refund, hate to pay more.
  • Erin
    Not a fan of PAYING taxes...though I love the services those tax dollars buy me. I actually do like DOING my taxes, and would love a copy of Turbo Tax to help with that!
  • Rebecca
    I do not enjoy paying taxes however I know that they are necessary to keep our country running. I would however be happier if there wasn't severe mismanagement of these funds, and the taxpayer wasn't the one always left to dig us out of a hole. Just as Canadian households need to perform cuts during financially trying times, so too should the government.
  • Kim O.
    The only good thing about taxes, is getting a refund!
  • Linda
    I use Turbotax...more mine and the many other taxes I do for friends and family.
  • Angela T.
    Dread!!! Turbotax makes it a quicker process though. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Nicole
    Taxes are a necessary evil. I don't like paying them, but at the same time they keep this country going. Thanks for the contest!
  • Carla
    taxes? ugh!!!
  • A.L.
    Pick me! Pick me! I need all the tax help I can get!
  • VioletS
    I don't mind taxes. I also hate paying them, but my biggest drag is having to prepare taxes for all of my friends and relatives as I know how to do them. It has gotten to the point where they don't ask anymore, just drop them off. The worst, I don't even get a coffee out of it. LOL. This would definitely make preparing them a whole lot easier.
  • Catfish
    Gotta be done. Turbo Tax helps.
  • angela
    I hate taxes, but like the refund!
  • JulieA
    Whoever said death and taxes are the only inevitable things in life....didn't do housework! There's ALWAYS housework! :D
  • Sarah
    Time to get money back - I hope!
  • Emma B.
    i do my own but i always feel like we are taxed to death in this country. Hope to get money back
  • Nicole
    always wonder what the year will have done to me, as long as I don't owe. I get taxed enough!
  • Jen F.
    I'm not all that fond of taxes - but they are a necessary evil
  • Allie
    I do the tax returns for me and my husband and let's just say it's not the most wonderful time of the year! Would love some help from TurboTax!
  • Jenn
    Taxes are inevitable, I love Turbotax as you can instantly see the effects of your deductables. It's also great how you can use the software for more than one person!
  • Jennifer L.
    I don't like doing taxes at all but thank goodness for the software that helps me through it.
  • Kayleigh
    I hate doing them but its a must so I put up with them!
  • Mandy
    Taxes aren't so bad with the right software! :)
  • Stacie
    Would love a hand from TurboTax at this time of year!
  • Shirley
    I don't like having to pay someone to do my taxes but find it too complicated to do at home on my own. I would LOVE to try TurboTax and see just how easy and stress free it can be and get more of a refund so no one is taking hundreds of dollars for doing it for us! We had a financially hard year this past year and would love a break :)
  • Cecilia
    So much paper work and trying to make sure you have all the documents in order. Trying to see where you can get some extra money from your tax refund is the hardest. Yup, already subscribe to your emails updates :)
  • Heather
    Hope I get a good refund this year!!
  • joy
    Don't like them but we need them. Without them we would be in serious trouble! I think they could be less in Canada but we all choose to live here!
  • Marc R.
    The only thing simpler than Turbo Tax would be if the government sent letters and essentially said, "whatever you made last year, send half".
  • jodykirsten
    Turbo tax makes doing my taxes easy peasy.
  • Tasha
    I hate income tax time! We need a good program to help us get the best refund possible!
  • GS
    So much work for so little return. But, we can't live without them. :)
  • Mendy
    I strongly hate taxes. Especially these days when I'm on mat. Leave. It appears I can't catch a break. Hard working middle class families having to pay in while people recieving financial assistance get funds back. I know its not the same for all but the things I've seen. There's defintely issues with our system. And this is the time of year I'm reminded about it most....tax season! Plus, do we ever really know if what we're paying in or getting back is truly the correct amount. Oh my, not looking forward to it at all!
  • janicour
    I pay 40% of my wage in taxes, and because I am not self employed I cannot write much off. I just wish the wealthy paid more and me less:(
  • mjmendes
    a necessary evil..but too much is not good for our pocket book
  • Andrea
    If only I had a tax fairy to help with all the paperwork and to help me find the best returns!
  • Ann
    I find doing taxes sooo confusing. Having Turbotax really helps!
  • John
    well we need to get taxes done
  • Amber
    I actually love tax time! Just a few minutes spent on turbo tax and I get that much anticipated tax return... paying close to $20,000 in child care for our twin boys, I really appreciate that child care rebate.
  • tabi
    Taxes are absolutely financially debilitating; can't wait to move out of Ontario to a place where we're taxed less!
  • Jo
    I hate tax season! Necessary yes but takes Sooo much time...
  • Kate J.
    this would help with since we have to pay taxes!
  • Pamela B.
    I'm not a big fan of tax time, but I usually get a nice refund.
  • Dora
    I am always worried about the end result but it is so easy to do now with these programs!
  • Jonnie (.
    I hate seeeing a huge chunk of pay disappear from each chunk but i actually enjoy doing our taxes, which makes my husband happy because he hates doing them.
  • Shari
    Much easier to do with Turbo Tax!!
  • Joan T.
    Tax season takes forever, but at least we get some money back!
  • Diane B.
    Even though I love getting my refund cheque doing the taxes is a job I really dislike.
  • Ada
    I don't like taxes, but we all benefit from them, ie health care, education, etc.
  • Joanna
    Okay, I'm know I'm a little crazy...... but I actually enjoy filing my taxes each year! (Only with the help of Turbotax, of course.....)
  • Omar
    Paying tax is a pain, with turbotax, you minimize the pain.
  • Lorilee
    I actually do not mind doing the taxes, I used to love doing them by hand and then seeing if all my calculations matched when my statement came back. But now, there is no way I would do it without my tax software! I have been using TurboTax for awhile and love it!
  • Nick K.
    Yup! Its that time of the year we put on our gloves and enter the cage with the TAXman.
  • Donnas
    Taxes are one of life's necessary evils; unless I'm expecting a tax return.
  • chris
    Damn this time of year...............................I hate doing my taxes..............
  • Andy
    Taxes are ever increasing & seemingly endless, but TurboTax makes getting the job done so much easier!
  • aussie m.
    taxes are part of living in a democracy!
  • Christine D.
    Taxes..... a necessary part of the economical infrastructure of our great country. But ....WOW ... sometimes it blows me away how much we pay as a percentage of our income. Then I realize that services that I take for granted are not available anywhere else. So - I am going to pay my taxes and hope that they are administered well. I have used this product for many years (I know the name changed last year) and it is terrific. Thanks for the discount coupon too!
  • Kaila B.
    Taxes are not fun but one of those nesessary things in life.
  • Brenda R.
    I don't mind doing my taxes. Doing them on the computer makes it soo much easier!
  • E B.
    I'm a numbers person, so I love doing taxes and crunching the numbers with pencil and paper. In fact, I've volunteered to do taxes for others in past years (immigrants, low income earners) just cuz I love it so much. But with my kids (especially the 2 yr old twins!), it takes so much time and it helps so much to have tax preparation software!
  • katrina
    i wish canada had a free program to do taxes like they have in australia
  • Katie
    Not really a fan of tax season, its something that has to be done every year. The best is when your a student and get a lot of money back!
  • Maidy
    Taxes help us by providing health, family and child services. The people work hard to pay taxes so I hope the government works harder to properly and effectively use what we pay for.
  • Cali
    Tax season is a pain in the behind - just because it's one more thing on my growing to-do list!
  • maryd
    Taxes are an unwanted part of live in Canada, but without them the country could not function.
  • Dave
    Best 60% of your wages you'll ever spend
  • Mary
    We live in a country of higher taxes but it is worth it. You have to pay to stay.
  • Chester
    Tax season is a time when we are physically, mentally and financially taxed!
  • Kim
    I think tax time is the best time of year. I'm an accounting student with a goal of going into taxes so it's my passion. I love gathering up all of my numbers and entering it into the tax programs and reading up on any changes on CRA's website. So far I'm only interested in personal taxes. I haven't gotten to the corporate taxes yet but that'll be a whole new adventure!
  • Melissa
    This is the first year I'll be attempting to do my taxes myself so this would really help!
  • Kim D.
    Taxes are a necessity... no strong feelings.
  • dave Z.
    Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents?
  • LJ
    I don't mind paying my taxes. I enjoy driving on roads, and healthcare. The only time it bothers me is when policy makers push through raises, and pensions for themselves, but don't have the money to build a hospital.
  • Andrea
    Love, Love, Love doing my taxes.... only time I really get to stick it to the man!!!
  • Scott
    I spell it "taxx" because if there was ever a word that deserved to be a four-letter word, this one is it.
  • Joanna
    Hate doing taxes but love getting a refund
  • Reg
    Being a senior on limited pension and being disabled ,the taxes we have to pay on almost everthing (HST) and Income tax on top, there should be a better formula.
  • wendigirl
    i look at tax time as a roll of the dice..so to speak.. am i going to "win" or "lose"
  • Ann
    I don't mind doing the taxes, just don't like seeing how much we've paid in taxes :(
  • Chantel I.
    I'm fine with paying taxes. I understand why we pay them, and I agree that we should pay them if we want services like health care, education, etc... I hate doing my taxes though. I usually do them manually, which takes forever, so I'd be glad to win this software package.
  • jim m.
    I don't love dealing with them but they do serve a very important purpose.
  • Mandy
    I really don't mind tax season! We have extra $$ taken off our cheques for taxes, just in case, and it usually works out that we get a refund. It's a great way to justify indulging on something for yourself!!
  • Bonnie
    Love turbotax will spread the word
  • Anna
    Taxes are inevitable. I just wish my tax money was spent more wisely by the politicians.
  • Chris
    I dread tax season. Hoping for a refund this year!
  • Lynn
    I think they make the forms way to complicated, I liked it better when they used to include the tables for the federal and provincial tax amounts (giving away my age here)
  • Lynne
    I understand why we pay taxes; I jsut don't like doing them :)
  • Pat
    Don't like them anymore than I like death!
  • UncleStuart
    I love taxes.
  • Karen
    I wish we did not have to pay any taxes, but they are a part of life!
  • nina
    I don't like paying taxes and I don't like doing taxes so I just get my sister to do it for me!
  • Cassandra
    Taxes suck but at least we can save money by doing them on the computer at home!
  • Michelle P.
    Wow tax time already, spring is around the corner! I don't like paying taxes or doing taxes, but you do whatcha gotta do!
  • Joking
    I just wish they took only what they should. I want my money not loan it to the governments for them to use only to give it back to me without any interest.
  • Brenda
    Taxes are always a hassel but much easier to prepare with the Turbo Tax program!
  • Lucie
    I actually enjoy tax time because I always get money back.
  • Tanya
    I can almost say I enjoy doing my taxes with Turbo Tax!!
  • Dave W.
    As an accountant taxes are very good for business.
  • Gaurav
    I don't mind filing taxes, except for that fact that everyone in my family has me do their taxes as well.
  • Kathleen
    I leave the headache of taxes to my hubby ;-)
  • Andy
    Wow tax time already. Doing taxes are not fun at all.
  • Heather
    Don't like them at all- my husband and I had to paper file again this year at the end of December as they had already closed the electronic system.
  • Sandy
    got a headache just thinking about taxes ;)
  • Paige
    I would like to be able to do my own taxes, but I live in Canada and work in the US so it's too confusing!
  • Liz
    I like tax season because I always get a good chunk of money back. Most goes into savings but I always buy a little luxury item for myself! My mom is a CA so she taught me well when I was younger, and I always have free advice on call! :)
  • Jenny
    let my husband worry about the tax filing, and I will "worry" about how to spend the tax return money!
  • Leanne B.
    Sadly it comes around every year! I cross my fingers its in my favour!
  • Tanya P.
    Would love this!
  • Amina
    Tax season is extremely stressful for accountants without turbo tax it is a nightmare

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