Mistake? Canon Pixma All-In-One Printer For $39.99 @ The Source

On The Source by Circuit City website, they show the Canon Pixma MX330 All-In-One Printer for only $39.99. Now - it says this is with the purchase of any computer, but it seems you can buy it without that hindrance!

How to get it - click the add to cart button once, but it won't go in your cart. Click the back button in your browser, click "add to cart" again, and then you should see it in there. You can order it for delivery, or order to collect at your local store.

I'm not sure if this will really work, but if you have a few minutes to spare, you could give it a try.


  • John
    This once happened at one of my orders at Bath & Body Works. It was a combo kit of Fekkai Glossing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Glossing Cream. (Value of $65) For 1 cent!!!!! It must have been a mistake, because the item said "save $15!" So it must have been 50$, and they just made a typo. I quickly added it to my cart and checked out so it nly ended up costing me around $20 with the shipping. :) Ive noticed this a couple of times at the Source, especially with the printers on sale w/ the purchase of a laptop.
  • David
    This is not unusual, the cartridges for this printer are horrendously expensive, and it goes through ink like crazy. You get what you pay for rings true here.

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