Mackeeper by Zeobit - Complete Protection from $40

I'm not sure how many Mac users out there have heard of Mackeeper. It is a set of programs that gives you an anti-virus, internet security and a whole lot more for a fraction of the cost. They estimate a comparable kit would cost you around $500 (that seems a bit high for me) but all the above apps you see in the banner are yours for only $40 (for 1 user).

You have your choice of 3 bundles:

  • Basic - $40 (one user)
  • Standard $60 (2 users)
  • Premium $90 (3 users)

The premium also comes with additional support like 24/7 call center and and live chat.

So you get 16 apps for $40, really a pretty good deal. I have used a couple of the apps before, primarily Duplicate Finder. It is especially useful for helping clean up your system when you have a lot of pictures/music on it. I have around 10,000 pictures on my system so finding and eliminated the duplicates really helps.

I haven't decided to buy this yet, however, I am starting to worry about viruses on my computer so this is running around in the back of my mind. Have any of our Mac users bought Mackeeper before? If you have, what did you think?

What do you think?

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