Kodak Gallery Canada Coupon Codes: Save on Prints & Photobooks

10 March 2012

Kodak Gallery Canada has 3 coupon codes out right now that will save you money on prints as well as photobooks.

Here are the details for these deals:

  • Coupon Code: CAPRINTS150
  • Discount: 150 Prints for $22
  • Coupon Code: CAPRINTS250
  • Discount: 250 Prints for $35
  • Coupon Code: CABOOK20
  • Discount: Save 20% on Photobooks
  • Expires: 5th April 2012

When you buy prints at the regular price, they will cost $0.19 each. With these coupon codes, you will only be paying about $0.14 a picture instead.  It doesn't sound like a huge saving but if you are getting a bunch of pictures, it really adds up.  On an order of 250 prints, this coupon code will save you $12.50!

Another way to save money is to do pick up instead of paying for shipping.  All you have to do is select pickup and you can pick up your items at your local Best Buy or Future Shop.

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