HP Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Select Monitors with PC Purchase

If you're having trouble reading this, you need a new monitor. If you're on BargainMoose, you'll probably want it for 25% off when you buy a new computer!

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  • Coupon Code: MONITOR25
  • Discount: 25% off select monitors with PC purchase
  • Expiry: Unknown

I feel like writing about monitors is a weird thing. I think it's just because since the year before I went to college (in... 2003? I'm old.), for the past decade or so, I've had a laptop. I have a server in my basement and that's about it for desktop computers. I've just ordered my seventh laptop, so I'm pretty much beyond the need for a monitor.

That being said, if I was in the market, HP would not be a bad choice. The monitor on my server is a Compaq (yeah, it's that old) branded HP monitor and it's held up. And I don't mean that it's sat on a desk for a decade and still works. This thing is sitting in my unfinished basement, on the floor, surrounded by piles of stuff. I have had a plumber haul equipment out past this monitor, I had a contractor cutting tile near this monitor, I've kept this monitor down there in freezing cold temperatures. I can't imagine that being smacked by plumbing equipment, layered in about an inch of ceramic dust and being frozen can be good for it. This little guy has been through the ringer and it's still running like a champ.

This particular sale has a great range, which I always want to see in a good sale. You can go from the $99.99 entry level 20" monitor to the $499.99 27" why-don't-I-just-buy-a-TV monsters. And of course, there is a monitor at all points in between to suit whatever your needs and budget are. Best part about it? You get 25% off the monitor when you purchase an HP PC with our magic coupon!

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  • MTL
    25% off any monitor for home with a PC purchase.
    • Shawn M.
      I've updated the article. Thanks.
  • vyc2013
    Only for monitor with purchase of PC?

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