FutureShop Canada: Free Shipping On A $39 Spend (Tip)

Online shopping aficionados will be pleased to hear this news! FutureShop Canada is now offering free shipping for online order over $39!

This is great, because it puts them on an even footing with the likes of Amazon.ca and Chapters who also offer free shipping on a $39 spend.

Unfortunately, there are a few restrictions. No TVs larger than 40” or major appliances can be shipped for free. But I still think that it’s a great development, as it means you can buy all those smaller things and not worry too much about shipping. It could be very handy for small electronics, DVDs, video game deals.

I just wish more Canadian online stores would give totally free shipping or set the minimum spend at a low threshold.

Don’t forget about the $10 off $50 futureshop coupon too!

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