Future Shop: Trade in 6 games for a 32" HD TV


This deal runs tomorrow only, so hold onto your hats and head to your local Future Shop! Are you a gamer? XBOX360, Wii, Playstation3? If you have mastered a bunch of games and feel it is time to trade in / trade up, why not trade in for a new TV? On November 29, 2010 only you can trade in 6 qualifying games (with boxes) and get a Free Dynex 32" LCD HD TV.

I have never heard of such a program before. If we had enough games I would so do it, since I think our TV is like, 21" or something shrimpy.


  • brianne s.
    The problem is.. each of the games themselves that qualify are about 70.00 and all came out within the last 10 months or so... future shop is selling used games now so they want new ones.. not that great of a deal.. but still neat!
  • Andrea
    Agree with Brianne. Hubby saw the promo, just laughed. Basically "why would anyone want to give up higher value games for a Dynex TV?" You could make more money selling these games yourself online (kijiji for example), and then take the money and buy a better TV. Just his $0.02... Still, nice to see the big box stores trying differnent angles to get people in, shopping and recycling.

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