Dell Canada: Accessories & Electronics Sale


From now until the 29th of January 2010, there is a huge blowout sale on electronics and accessories at Dell Canada online.

There are various items on special offer, from ebook readers to battery chargers. Some highlights:

  • Seagate 250GB Portable External Hard Drive - $59.99 - not a bad price for a little external storage. If you have a lot of music or family photos stored on your home computer, and don't have backups saved anywhere, then I highly recommend investing in a portable hard drive. You can make backups of all your important files, then put the hard drive somewhere safe. I'd hate to lose all my thousands of digital photos!
  • Sony Canada Reader Pocket Edition - $209.99 - I am in love with the Sony ebook readers! I have the older 505 edition, and I really want to upgrade to the new range. This particular offer is for the pocket edition - which looks really handy. If you travel to work on the train or bus, then one of these devices is excellent.
  • Logitech Speaker System - $189.99 - have you got a lot of music stored on your PC? If so, you could consider using it as an entertainment system. Sometimes when you buy a package deal on a home computer, the default speakers are very basic, and aren't particularly good quality. Investing in a decent set of speakers is a good move, and in my opinion, Logitech are an excellent brand.
  • Kodak Easyshare CD80 10MP Red Digital Camera Bundle - $87.99 - great price on a little cute Kodak digital camera!

Remember, all the above come with FREE SHIPPING of course!

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