Dell: Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad with Mini Surge and USB Charger $19.99 (Save $40)


An excellent deal from Dell on a Belkin Inc Laptop Cooling Pad with Mini Surge and USB Charger. Regularly priced at $59.99 it is on sale for $19.99 (66% off). You not only get a great cooling pad for your laptop, but also a valuable mini surge protector with three AC outlets and two powered USB outlets.

The mini surge protector is great for charging your mp3 devices, cell phones and laptop while traveling or at home without worrying about random surges hurting your valuable equipment. The cooling pad is very ergonomic to assist in naturally cooling your laptop and to assist the fan's cooling power.

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  • Becci
    Thanks to you, I got in on this deal BEFORE they sold out! I was just about to buy a travel surge protector anyway. Imagine my delight in getting this laptop cooling pad essentially FREE with it! :D Thanks!

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