Best Buy: ObusForme 4 in 1 Cervical Pillow Was $70 Now $25 (Expired)


Have you been sleeping comfortably lately? Is it time for you finally to invest in a new pillow? Today's deal at Best Buy can help you make the decision to purchase a new pillow that's ideal for you that much easier! Until September 11th, you can get the highly rated ObusForme 4 - in - 1 Cervical Pillow at Best Buy for just $24.99 (plus $5.00 for shipping)! It normally costs $69.99, so this is a good deal for Bargainmoosers!

This ergonomically designed pillow can help accommodate those who need some added comfort in their bed. With four different sleeping options available, the ObusForme 4 - in - 1 Cervical Pillow can help relieve neck pain as well.

For years, I used the same pillow. I just didn't think I needed to get another one. However, the signs that I needed a new one were there - I was eventually using two old pillows stacked on top of each other just so I can have some proper neck support. I eventually bought a new pillow, and what a difference that made!

If your pillow makes it hard for you to get comfortable and cozy in your bed, it may be time to get a new one. In fact, my girlfriend ordered this exact pillow from Best Buy this morning!

On Buyobus, this pillow costs $90, and it's $69 on the Obusforme website. There's a reason why this pillow retails for a higher price than the average pillow - it has great reviews from many satisfied customers! Listed below is a snippet of a review from some satisfied Best Buy customers:

Your neck will thank you...This is one of the best pillows I have used in a long time. Most comfortable pillow ever.

I sleep on my side all night and find it gives good support to my neck and head. I'm sleeping much better than with the previous pillow I had. I like a firm pillow and this fits the bill.

This sale won't be around for much longer, so if you're considering a new pillow, now's the time to get one. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers, and enjoy your Sunday! Pay $5 shipping for the pillow or get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 11th September 2014)

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